Riders of Icarus is live in the West and Nexon is preparing for its first update. Today, the publisher announced “Blight of Frost Keep,” a major update that will introduce a level cap increase up to 35 as well as other content.

Once the update launches, players will get to explore the snow-covered lands of Parna’s Coast, take part in new dungeons (level 34 and above), and tame new mounts — including the Venomous Caspert Karas and the Terror Kerav.

For those unfamiliar with Riders of Icarus, the development team has provided an official overview video. It can be watched above.

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  1. And game is broken, there is a quest after level 6 u need to go in some instance but game trows u out, u cant pass it and its end of game u cant get any other quests, so my play was not long, good thing about game is that u dnt need to run for loot and brainless quests not that long, instead of killing 10-20 mobs u ne ed to kill 2 or collect 2 mushrooms, in similar games u need to collect and kill much more, i hate thes stupid quests in any game, after few hours of playing i saw only 2 alive persons, its good to start, no kill stealing but with such low population game not survive.

    • Sorry bud, but game is thriving. Not many in beginner zones because we are hanging at level 25 instance or in cities, or major camps. Game is not broken, its your lame computer, maybe time to upgrade.

      • wouldn’t call it thriving with player base on constant decline and barely 8k concurrent users right now. It’s not his PC the game engine is broken, optimization sucks ass, full of fps drops for no reason on random shit like when an item drops you lose 10 fps, if you don’t believe me look at one of many youtube videos. Besides that, it’s nexon and nothing special in this game other than collecting mounts, everything else is typical theme park mmo on crappy korean engine.


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