Those looking to get in on the action in WeMade’s free-to-play, flying mount-battle featuring MMO Riders of Icarus a little early now have their chance. Nexon America and WeMade announced today that Founder’s packs are available for purchase. The company is offering three packs, ranging in price from $25 to $90 — depending on the level of perks you’re interested in.

  • Elite Riders’ Pack: Begin the ride of your life with the Elite Riders Pack and receive an exclusive mount, early access, a special title and more. $24.99 (value $41.70)
  • Heroic Riders’ Pack: Forge your destiny with everything from the Elite Riders Pack, plus an additional exclusive mount, 30 days of Premium Service and much more. $42.99 (value $105.86)
  • Legendary Riders’ Pack: Become a Legend with nearly everything from the Heroic Riders pack, plus two additional exclusive mounts, 24 inventory slots, 30 additional days of Premium Service (for a total of 60), and much more. $89.99 (value $252.75)

In addition to the packs, Nexon also dropped the first gameplay trailer for the game, highlighting the flying mounts in battle. The video also shows off a wide variety of non-flying mounts that players can collect in addition to things like dragons and and other flying mounts.

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  1. Got to try the beta because of Pax East. Really enjoyed the game, I might be persuaded to get the $25 founders pack.

  2. why america cant make normal MMO???? why only asians?! hate this ugly anime air dancing ninjas with beardless gei faces and customization

  3. i’ll try it out when its available that game gets released at a great time since there aren’t many mmo’s coming this month


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