Riders of Icarus Announces “Rift of the Damned” Update


Been sitting at level 35 in Riders of Icarus waiting for the next level cap increase? The wait isn’t long now as WeMade and Nexon announced that the free-to-play MMORPG will launch its newest update “Rift of the Damned” on September 28th. Along with new content, this update gives players a new level cap of 40 to strive towards.

Tritael Rift, the game’s first entirely airborne zone, will be introduced in the update as well. This zone flies high in the sky and came into existence because of a clash between the Goddess of Light and the God of Ruin. The new zone, of course, brings new quests that will see players teaming up with the Pegasus Knights. A new level 39 dungeon will challenge players to “face off against two separate bosses in order to defeat the dungeon and claim rewards including new high-level equipment and new ghostly mounts.”

What Riders of Icarus update would be complete without the addition of new mounts though? Rift of the Damned not only adds new mounts to tame, but adds the whole new category of “Void” mounts. To stay up to date on the coming update tune into the game’s official site.


  1. I liked this game at first before level cap to 35. Then got really slow and boring story started to suck. Havnt played since 2 days after last level cap raise.

  2. Looks cool but feels like they are introducing new content way 2 slowly. I don’t play new modern MMOs because they always stay around level 40-60. Yeah I get it’s due to budget and staff but it’s like no one want’s to put good content or higher levels ingame anymore.


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