Riders of Icarus PvP

Riders of Icarus fans looking for more intense PvP action will get their fill soon with the arrival of the Exarahn Badlands zone, a new and dangerous region for characters level 28 and above.

Cloaked in eternal nightfall, the Exarahn Badlands is a region where everyone except your guild, alliance, and party are potential foes, targetable in combat. You’ll have to watch your back while questing, but on the bright side, there’s no penalty for death. Guilds can form alliances to war with each other, and the first guild to amass 200 kills wins the war. Guild alliances can also partake in Manastone battles, once weekly capture-the-flag-style events.

If you don’t have a large enough guild, you can join a militia to form a kind of temporary alliance with other players in the Badlands and purchase buffs that will aid each other in battle.

Your prize for braving these lawless wastes are some new and shadowy mounts: the black pegasus known as the Nightmare and the Profane Apocalypse, a ground mount that spawns in random locations in the Badlands. The winners of Manastone battles will receive exclusive familiars; rewards for winning guild alliance wars have yet to be determined.

The Exarahn Badlands will be coming to Riders of Icarus later in August. You can read more about the zone and its features on the RoI site.


  1. Yeah well guilds seem to suck in this game. Been in two and they all want you to pay to stay in guild. I did on first guild and leader took the money and ran before he paid for the guild sigle of 500 gold.


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