A lot of time has been spent talking about the collectible mount/pet system in Nexon’s upcoming free-to-play game, Riders of Icarus. Now, however, the devs want to highlight another important feature of the game, the classes.

A newly posted gameplay trailer for the game briefly shows off each of the five classes, from the tanky Guardian wielding both sword and ax to the super-sexy Wizard. Of course, the abilities of these classes can be combined with those of the mounts and pets to create powerful teams.

Riders of Icarus is currently in closed beta. Players can sign up on the official site — or pick up a founders pack to gain access.

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  1. This game is all hype like Archage was and it died down after 3 months …. i expect the same for this game or it might be shit on like Archage was or every other new game

  2. the Archer class probely come with the later patch after relesse, kinda sad cuz its a cool class that i was most intrested in :/


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