Riders Of Icarus Announces New Content Update, MagmaPora, Coming Next Week

Explore an all new map in the search for Princess and Salant.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Riders Of Icarus Magma Porta

A big new update is coming to Riders of Icarus on September 13. Titled MagmaPora, the MMORPG's update introduces a whole continent with new places to explore. The new map is a land formed out of flowing lava, with the same name as the expansion. There, players will find the Crimson Furnace Village inhabited by Crokhoons, a race blessed by the God of Fire.

A new update also means a new dungeon. The Abandoned Mine is a long-forgotten place filled with secrets. Like the rest of Magma Porta, the mine is a fiery and dangerous place. Speaking of places on fire, the Crimson Forest is just that, and somehow it’s still a thriving forest. The trees have adapted and streams run through the forest allowing creatures to survive.

The update also offers a whole roster of new Fellows for players to collect. These are acclimated to the heat of MagmaPora.

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♍voidtraveler 9 months ago
Honestly, they should be fixing and optimizing this game before even dreaming about new content lmao. The playerbase is not even 200 people, who cares about new content at this point? Most that still play the game seem to complain about bugs and instability issues. Even i had some happen to me when i started playing this game a couple of days ago.

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