OK, let’s put the disclaimer right up front. Trion’s not doing away with Rift‘s free-to-play model. So if you’re happy with what you have now, it’ll still be there. There just might be fewer players on your server.

The news comes via the latest Producer’s Letter, which reveals that many players have been asking for a subscription (what they’re calling “Prime”) model. It seems enough players have asked for one that Trion has decided to accommodate those requests.

The letter states that come this spring, players will be able to join an all-new fresh start server dedicated to subscription players. This server will offer players progressively unlocked content as well as a cosmetic-only store with no lockboxes; current store-based items will be obtained through gameplay. (That alone is going to be a pretty big selling point for a lot of players.) In addition, the new server will offer monthly milestones and achievement rewards.

Since the new server will launch in the spring, that should give all Rift players enough time to decide if they’re interested in going Prime or not. (I’d suggest taking a look at what you spend on store items and see if it’s comparable price-wise.) Of course, the downside of this new feature may be that it results in splitting the community. We don’t have the full details yet, but I would guess that players on the Prime server will not be able to participate in cross-server activities. Then again, the new server might appeal to players who have avoided the game because of it’s current price model. That’s what Trion seems to think:

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  1. They think that not much splitting will occur because “majority of players on RIFT Prime will be players not currently active in RIFT”. I don’t think this will be the case.

    In order for players to consider the new Prime server worth it, it’s price should be comparable price-wise (as you’ve pointed out). This means some current players will switch over, and most of the “old school folk” wouldn’t return to the game since the pricing will be pretty much the same across both servers.

    Essentially, all this update adds is a new server and subscription model. I don’t think it would help, unless they added any amount of new content, such as exclusive cosmetics only found on the Prime server, etc.

    • Well the fact that you can get items that were only buyable through the store can now be obtained in-game actually makes it appealing since you don’t have to spend more money other then subcription fee. Which in fact makes it more interesting for those who did have a subscription but don’t want to waste money. I bet once this shoots off, they will come up with cosmetic only prime server items, yet for now this does sound appealing to me as a former rift player.

      • Then if that was better then why bother with it being free to play anyway. Mind was well just switch over to a subscription based only. Free to play servers will just die off as everyone who will want to play hard core will just move over to the other servers…


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