Wow, I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting this. Trion Worlds, just announced their MMORPG RIFT will be transitioning over to a free-to-play model starting on June 12, 2013. What’s more, the game will be entirely F2P; with every dungeon, zone, level, and all current as well as future expansion content fully accessible to non paying players.

The MMO will have the customary cosmetic shop which will provide the usual mounts, boosts, wardrobe items and the like. A subscription will still be available that will grant extra experience, instant access to your bank, faster mount speed, and boosts to other reputation and currency gains. Those that were, and still are current subscribers will also be rewarded with loyalty and currency rewards.

The conversion to F2P will kick off alongside update 2.3, Empyreal Assault, which will add a new zone, world event, and more. Rift was one of the few P2P MMOs I enjoyed with a decent raiding experience, so personally I’m excited to see it go F2P without restrictions.

You can check out the full breakdown by taking a look at the official RIFT F2P FAQ here. The developers also plan on hosting two livestream events to discuss the conversion with fans on May 17th and May 31st.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. this is a fantastic shift for Rift. For those that have never played this game it is very simalar to WoW or Aion. in other words its a traditional mmo. Now with a sub fee I didnt feel like it was worth 15 dollars with Aion f2p. However once it drops the sub fee it is much more advanced game than Aion. In fact I would say it would easily be the best mmo on the f2p market and I would pick it before WoW as well. I think Rift is going to enjoy some huge sucess from this model. I couldn’t be more excited for this game going f2p

  2. personally… I wouldn’t really bother with the “full game” (IE: Box version)…

    Because all you get is more character and bank slot, that’s it, no other bonuses.
    Which is WAY worse than what TERA gave their “founders” (which included a mount)

    If it doesn’t cost less than 10 USD, I recommend not buying it, LOL. (tho, you can try to win it… but you’re up against 10,000+ ppls)

    As for subs, it’s not that bad, tho it can lead to P2W very soon (especially the +10 mount speed, however I am not sure if you can mount in PvP, I haven’t played Rift)
    But this was one of the reason why Neverwinter got tagged P2W, for their Cash Shop mount speed – that can be used in PvP (makes a huge difference)

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  4. LOL!!!!!! Cant compare?Really there a lot of games out there which can compare with this game And blacklight is not the best game in the world!

  5. If you dont like the game stop posting here then.If you want to know mister isnt only about graphics the game is about storyline if you have any clue about it.All you care is about graphics nothink else i play a lot of game like that also back to the future the game which is pretty awesome at my oppinion you should try it people i also have disney Hercules,tarzan and many others reinansces heroes.

  6. “No Trials, No Tricks, No Traps” gee they sure know what they are talking about, that phrase is pretty cool, and just that phrase tells us that they know how stupid other dev companies are killing their players. Loving how these games are coming along, Tera, Aion and Rift, you guys are DaBomb!

  7. I knew this game would go free to play in the end from the start when they started advertising it on tv.

    • If the noobs are wiling to learn from experienced players and not act like tools I say welcome.Just hate when a noob starts and acts like they know everything and end up getting a group wipe in a dungeon or raid.All because they refuse to learn from those that have been playing for years.That said I hate expperienced players that act like ahats to noobs that ask for advice.If a noob ask me a question I gladly answer,cause the true sign of an elite player is knowing everyone starts out a noob at some point.And todays noobs can oneday become tomorrows elite.

      • “The true sign of an elite player is knowing everyone starts out a noob at some point. And todays noobs can one day become tomorrows elite” Quote by golgo28.
        Thank you for this. 😀

  8. It’s funny because just last month I was playing this game, and I was hearing tons of people saying the only reason they DO play Rift is because it’s P2P, and that if it ever went F2P they’d quit.

    • That’s cause they are ignorant snobs.Who think cause they have played a few crap facebook games or a game from Aeria or BW,that all f2p is bad.But f2p is becoming on par as a p2p,but if done right makes spending optional not required.Me I’ll spend some cash on optional things like cosmetic items or mounts if I don’t have drop a monthly fee.I spent more on aion then ayears sub fees of a p2p.And that was mostly on costumes and similar things.If I enjoy a game I’ll support it with my money.I just prefer to not be told I have to pay or I won’t get the full game.(swtor for example of f2p done wrong)

  9. Will u be able to lvl up to the max lvl if ur a free member and acces like 95% of the whole content or it will be like a trial? U know, u cant max up your level and such things…?

    • You will be able to level to max level and access every piece of content except the four SL souls.Those you will have to make a one time cash shop purchase but then the souls will be available account wide.But even if you don’t buy the souls you will still have alot of souls available to use for free.Trion has said they are not gonna restrict the game for f2p players like others have..cough..swtor..cough.

  10. everything goes free to play these days tera and rift and soon i think it well be world of warcraft but no world of warcraft no free

    • its 10 gb + but i must say worth it i expect greatness from RIFT especially seeing it go free to play best day ever i can go back to playing this awesome game

  11. Mad respect for this game going completely free.
    Now if we can get SWTOR to follow the same model…. i still think their “profits” are bogus. seeing as no one wants to play a game where you can’t even change your title without paying real cash…

  12. I was talking to my bf just the other day about this, and we were saying we’d return to the game if it ever went Free to Play. I’m soo happy for this <3

  13. Holy Shit!!!!! the f2p market is getting some killers added to the zonra wasnt expecting this at seems like f2p in b2p models are really taking over the mmo market now in days…might as well say goodbye to sub mmos for while cause alot of sub games or turning f2p or b2p now O.0 :O

  14. We have yet another reason NOT to play SWTOR! Rift seems to have the proper idea of how F2P should be. Now if the remaining P2P games go F2P I’m sure SWTOR will sink and die. I say die because I doubt EA will have the balls to backstep on their idea of gimping people for money.

    Props to trion.

    • Your pc doesnt need to be a super computer, AS long as you have a semi decent video card, some ram, and a fairly good processor, you’re good to go

  15. Yeah, woo hoo, that’s right, more free mooching, yeah … nah, probably invest quite a bit in this game, now that I dumped WoW. Years of playing the same old game pretty much did it for me. Will get into Rift instead, always been a keen observer with this game. Now, got money to burn on this game.

  16. got Rift and SL expansion for free when i bought defiance on steam. thought of trying Rift out. but now thats its f2p i wont bother. f2p communities are the worst. i never group up in f2p games, i usually turn chat off and tinker around until boredom sets in. and in f2p games that usually doesnt take very long

    honestly have been thinking of giving up gaming altogether as of late. games are slimmed down, content is weak, and gameplay hasnt improved in years. add to that the companies go for the quick strike sales motto and it overall has brought the industry down as far as im concerned.

    when f2p games first hit the market i thought they had the potential of doing something great, but for the most part its only encouraged welfare gamers to troll and destroy the few good games out there. Rift appears to be the next victim. its hard for a company to make a good game and actually get back the money they want to spend on it when the market is filled with games targeting impulse buyers with ADD

    • Cry a little more, please. You sound like a ten-year-old gamer who has been playing browser games for a few months and suddenly discovered that you don’t like games. Nobody gives two shits about your measly opinion, considering your purchases or thoughts won’t have any effect on the gaming industry. Let that settle in, boy.

      • with responses like that you may want to reconsider your stance. seem to me name calling is more ‘boyish’ than anything i said. and i thought this was a forum, you know, designed to share opinions…. let that settle in.

        • There’s a difference between stating an opinion, and whining about your bad personal experiences playing Club Penguin. Maybe you’ve been playing too much League, ’cause I’m sure we all know how shitty THAT community is at it’s core. Most MMORPG’s, free or not, have great communities. Even brutal games like Darkfall have loads of great people to play with.

          But when you state things such as “F2P communities are the worst” and “thinking about giving up gaming”, doesn’t give you much room for anybody to respect or consider your opinion.

          The fact is, this website revolves around free to play games. If you don’t like those kinds of games (or gaming in general), then you can go whine on another website. No one is asking you to be here, and it’s apparent that no one other than me has even noticed your post.

          • or others either share my opinion or recognize its a common one. f2p communities are often very bad. most that are not are not very player filled games and thus are more friendly in an attempt to attract more players.

            its not that i havent tried alot of f2p games, cuz i have, its i have found most to be lacking. again another opinion shared by many, even by alot of players who frequent f2p games.

            my comment on gaming in general is based on the fact that even p2p, b2p games are on an overall decline. again an opinion shared by many. so perhaps you should quit being so defensive. or should i make an assumption like you and assume you just cant afford anything other than f2p games? perhaps thats why my opinion upsets you so much.

    • Face it, the era of subbed games is almost gone. Buy-to-play i can understand because this business cannot survive unless gamers pay for what they play, at least to some degree. Many of the community wants to play for fun, not to be billed every month just to be able to log in. This doesnt mean in any way that the playerbase is bad.

      Tera for example has one of the better models imo. Where everything is completely free but subbers get benefits. So the two can coexist on the same game if it’s done correctly.

      • its not the pay model that bothers me, its the overall quality of the games and the communities. im not the only one who thinks gaming as a whole is on a decline. games are shorter, slimmed down, made for dummies etc. there is a pile of opinions out there describing this trend. even GW2 has a questionable future and its supposed to be some kind of benchmark. i guess it depends on what sites you read, but we are all entitled to our opinions.

        • Your arguments are plain stupid. Even the simplest games became very complex when they are played by good players.
          Running a 100m is so freaking simple. Then why don’t you go to Olympics and win a golden medal then? It’s the same thing with computer games, they are complex when played by pro players.

          You probably suck completely as a gamer and the only thing that is left to do for you is to blame communities, blame complexity of the games, etc.
          You got tired of being pwned in every game.

          Do you know how I know that? Because in the last 10 years I’ve seen bad players like you whining about games, whining about other players, community, everything. Every single time I checked their stats, they were horrible players and they always use the most stupid arguments to whine on forums.

  17. F2P a good model to go with these days there profits will probably double. But the bad side bots will over run the game gold sellers will triple and the spam will increase and never end untill it withers away like all other MMORPGS that either start as F2P or switch over. But hey who cares about the game economy right least it’s F2P.

  18. They had to do it… and they stayed p2p longer than I expected

    they are too late, I’m not interested in this game anymore

    • Except for it’s not “obvious”. Believe it or not, Rift wasn’t in a bad spot as a pay to play game. Sure, they didn’t have twelve millions subs, but they weren’t close to shutting down or anything of the sort. The free to play model will just hopefully bring in a fresh slew of players to inhabit the game world like it was at launch. I’m ready to play some Rift again!

  19. Yeye! Great news this alongside with they key I got from dragon’s prophet from your site were they greatest news I could have for today 🙂

    • The areas,quest,dungeons and raids from storm legion will be free at the f2p conversion.But the xpac souls will require a one time purchase from cash shop.But will then be available account wide.And no the 4 SL souls are not gonna make people OP.I’m a current sub on Rift and I’ve seen peole using the base game souls(which there is alot of)kick a person using a SL soul.And vice versa.It comes down to how you spend your soul points in between souls,make a decent build for pvp and you can dominate.Though equip some decent gear also doesn’t hurt either.

  20. In yo face EA your buisness model is trash compared to this lol ! Glad to see it happening ! Will make a video at the end of the week with all the news as usual on my youtube channel, really excited 🙂

  21. Well..To be honest, I’ve never played that game, but watched videos, read reviews, etc.
    Shame that it’s going F2P because we all know, that happens because game is not bringing enough profit, or new players, or whatever. And there is always a risk that it can be closed forever.
    Secret World will be the same, and all these fancy MMOs which thought they can survive on P2P mode. I’ll not be surprised that Defiance will be the same, just not now…but..we’ll see.

    • The Secret World won’t transition into F2P just yet, it adopted the B2P model that Guild Wars & Defiance took, which quite a lot of people still prefer over a F2P model.

      • Guild Wars have proved that u get what u paying for. Defiance…hardly (my opinion based on reviews) [P.S. I would love to try Defiance, just don’t have spare money now ^^ ] I remember City of Heroes…and now it’s closed. And even if it was old MMO, it still had people, but everything is based on money and when money stop powering the system, then…poof! and it’s gone. On one hand it’s great that F2P games are appearing often on the market (and they’re quite impressive (for example Neverwinter) ], on the other hand, as I said before, if game went from P2P or B2P to F2P, then something went wrong.

        • On my opinion it’s not really such a bad thing. Trion has a pretty big community on Rift as far as I know and wouldn’t really bet my money on Rift going free to play.

          It’s awesome that it does tho the fact it does it on such an userfriendly manner seems to indicate the devs are pretty confident about their core gamers supporting the system enough to generate the necessary income while bringing new sources into account.

          I won’t glorify any f2p conversion ofc – but if you look at this and what EA did with SWTOR then I think it’s pretty apparent that Trion isn’t so aggressive on the matter which is a big thumbs up in my book.

          • It was the community that brought the change on.Trion does surveys and reads their forums all the time and the players wanted it to go f2p.And the fact the mmo market is going f2p one game at a time it’s either adapt now while you have a strong community(which Rift has) or try and do it when the community is dead and close up.In fact having played Rift and WoW I prefer Rift’s community every time.I’m just hoping the WoW trolls don’t all jump on rift after it converts,cause i hate having to add people to my ignore list.For those that never played Rift and join on june 12th don’t be afraid to look up me or any member of the horde on faeblight.(yeah I know the guild name is taken from WoW but I didn’t name the guild that.)

    • every online game will close some day but this one go f2p because of marketing reasons – title just brings more profit that way

    • I said the same thing and actully cuz the sales on it weren’t going pretty good latley I think they have a chance to make the f2p model better but I think that’s new for Trion worlds =)

  22. This gives us a lot of hope that archage could also get f2p when its released !
    Can’t waif to check Rift out 🙂
    Cya in game

  23. LIVE STREAM COVERAGE – Join LIVE at for the latest free-to-play details and discussion :

    May 17 – Free-to-Play Overview 1:30pm PDT Friday,
    May 31 – REX, Loyalty, & Gifting 1:30pm PDT Friday,
    June 7 – Dendrome Preview 1:30pm PDT Friday,
    June 14 – Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault 1:30pm PDT Friday,

    *Recordings will also be uploaded to YouTube channel following each broadcast:

  24. I am a very social player and like games that makes you play together not only for pvp that requires coordination and map awareness + communication but also in pve , and this game makes it fun to complete quest with people you don’t know, especially participating in world events ( my favorites).
    I salute the initiative to make the game ftp , myself will definitely play it again. If you wanna play a game in that you don’t feel like you play alone, but you know its an mmo and interaction with other players its low, and you want to play a good social game also, this is it, see you in the game , respect.

  25. OMG !! wasn’t excpecting that AT all well I think that was because the sales of it weren’t going good latley … I think

    • Not really,they had a steady 2 mil subs,with people still buying it.But Trion sees how the mmo industry is shifting to f2p.So they are adapting.And unlike what bioware did with swtor,Trion isn’t putting huge restrictions on the game.Yeah if you want more then 2 character slots you have to buy themunless you already owned rift i which case you will have 6 with theoption to buy more.And that’s even if you decide to not subscribe any more and just go f2p(you could learn from this bioware.).Your exp gain won’t be nerfed like in swtor if your f2p.No loot restrictions,no content restrictions(again bioware you could learn from this.)And from what i read on Trion’s site the cash shop will be mostly cosmetic items,some mounts and boost(once more bioware the boost won’t be required to gain normal xp).When you look at it Trion is trying to avoid every mistake bioware made,good news BW you guys have become the cautionary tale for f2p devs on how not to screw your players over.

      • i agree with you dude, bioware DID do all that but i play swtor and while it looks absolutely horrid on paper its a bit better if you try it, im not tryin to attract any haters or anythin, just puttin it out there but i do agree with the steps trion is taking

  26. Finally, After paying the game subscription through steam and not working.
    I hope i can still get my pre-purchase items.

      • It is not just up o lv 20. Did you watch the video?
        “Every piece of the game is just available”.
        “No trials”.

      • “No trials. No tricks. No traps.
        Our free-to-play model is built on a simple idea: everyone can download, log in, and play all of RIFT, free. Starting June 12, new players will have access to all game content – from dungeons and Warfronts to the latest raids – with no level restrictions.”

        • except for the Storm Legion Expansion souls… That means that if they become overpowered, f2p players will have to pay to use them


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