It’s time for Trion Worlds to unleash the Echoes of Madness update complete with a new (well…revamped) raid, wardrobe system, new Instant Adventures, and a new Tale of the Deep. Rift’s patch 3.2 launches tomorrow, April 15th, in the free to play MMORPG.

I’m not sure which piece of the update I like the most here, personally. The wardrobe system, which we previously detailed, is something that the game has needed for quite some time and making these costume pieces account wide certainly saves on bag space and time for the altaholics out there. On the other hand, revisiting a reworked Hammerknell raid is quite an exciting prospect for long time players of Rift.

Adding Instant Adventures to Hammerknell is very interesting in its own right but the changes being made to the Instant Adventure feature are equally as welcome. Rewards being skewed towards those that actually participate and moving the adventures away from zones that have active events already going on are a few nice features to help smooth out the Instant Adventures ride.

Check out the official launch posting for more information.

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