As we all know, the job of an MMO developer is never done. Sure, you can boast about a successful server launch, but the next day, you’d better be working on something else. With that in mind, it only makes sense that Trion Worlds would drop a blog post detailing several things that are being worked on to improve RIFT — both for the Live and Prime players.

The post divides things up by service, with some things impacting both free-to-play and subscription players. Both services are getting some balance changes, particularly to the Warriors (who Trion feels really need the love). That love extends to both Void Knight and Paladin sub-classes. Rogue and Mage are getting a few tweaks as well.

Both Prime and Live will also see some changes in general content, PvP, and guild creation. Players can now create a guild through the UI at the cost of 1 platinum — matching the purchase cost of the Creation Scroll. And, of course, with summer on the way, Trion is teasing Summerfest — although they won’t offer any details until later this week.

Turning specifically to the Live servers, Trion has adjusted level boosting postions so that they award the proper amount of XP, determined by the character’s level. Also, players no longer have to fear the Vindicator MK1’s Burning Ground ability outside of the Bastion of Steel Raid instance. So, there’s that.

As for Prime, it’s getting some specific balance and PvP love. But possibly of more interest to players is the new content. Greenscale is on its way. In fact, the path to Greenscale opened today, as part of the Life Saga and Death Saga release.

If you’d like to read about all of this in depth, head over and check out the blog on the RIFT site.

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