Riot Games — developer of the popular free-to-play MOBA League of Legends, is turning 10. To celebrate the event, the company produced a short video as a thank you to the fans.

Speaking of the fans… In addition to the video, Riot also revealed a pretty impressive player stat. Currently 103 million players are logging into the game on a monthly basis.

From those numbers, it sounds like Riot is having a pretty happy birthday.

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  1. HiMaster on September 14, 2016

    The game is a total joke. Zero quality of life updates. Zero improvements to the game, they even make it worse and remove stuff plus their “balancing” is pathetic.
    You have champs that have been in the game for years and they completly change them or nerf everything.
    It is pointles even to play this because you can be sure they will change your favorite champ in order to force you to buy another champ and skins for it.

    the game is just a scam that is now completly owned by tencent ( chinese gaming company )

    • Urs00 on September 14, 2016

      the balance is fine and all nerfed champions are viable… well, maybe not if you are b5

  2. Hellsworth on September 13, 2016

    “… a piece of content that totally makes you smile!” (2:30)…. hmmm isnt this LoL? For someone to be smiling at least 5 others are banging the crap out of their keyboard.

  3. ASD on September 13, 2016

    Not like alot of people would care since the community is way toxic and ruins the gameplay experience for you.

    • HiMaster on September 14, 2016

      the community is not toxic. the developers and the publisher are toxic.

      • Urs00 on September 14, 2016

        what? xD

        that doesn’t even make sense

      • ASD on September 14, 2016

        That’s exactly what I was thinking URSoo but I wasn’t sure if I should say anything.

  4. Jafarson on September 13, 2016

    WOAH! I almost gave a f***