Riot Games is changing the iconic League of Legends Summoner’s Rift map. EVERYBODY PANIC.

OK, as the teaser video shows, the changes are entirely of a cosmetic nature and don’t seem to have any effect on gameplay. There won’t be a new lane, brush isn’t moving anywhere, or anything like that. The changes seem to be limited to shinier special effects, more vibrant colors, and fancier animations. I particularly liked how neutral monsters “spawn in” as they now move into their camps instead of merely appearing out of thin air.

Really, it makes a certain amount of sense. League is nearly five years old, and a graphical tweak — not sure “overhaul” applies here — makes sense to help keep it looking fresh and new, especially with a bajillion other MOBAs out there vying for attention. Still, we expect there to be a few conspiracy theories out there about how a lane is 0.2 inches shorter or that changing the color of the nexus crystal from white to red completely changes the metagame.

What do you think? Are you down with the new and pretty colors in League’s #1 map?


  1. So i`ve seen if you something wrong about League of Legends,the kids that play it,they say to you dumb,idiot,or other things,but the fact is the comunity sucks,the gameplay sucks,if they could play 10 hours per day,they should see it happens the same thing on a good game,there are exceptions when you get newbies in your team that screw it,leavers or afk are the worst thing in this game because it require teamwork so without team mates you have to strugle to win the games,so for those who say i`m wrong,either they are casual players or frustrated ones that only play with friends and not random games to experience what i told about it.

  2. LOL is soooo boring and slow. Dota and heroes of the storm are way better.

    The only time i like LOL is during the rapid fire update when people and skills are actually fast.

    • Its more teamwork than solo play,so that`s why its slow gameplay,the only exception is when you get feeded or they get feeded by newbies,after that it finishes fast=))

  3. PFFF SHIT moba for brainbless ppl, all the time u do is playing same map over and over. controls sux also, looks are outdated 1/10

  4. It’s more like a graf update than a copy. LoL always looked like WoW. Cartoonish graf but somehow nice. Riot realised that they have a lot of money and they are bigger than 5 five years ago. So, they made it rly beauty as fck just like Wildstar now. and think about it, Blizzard’s doing it as well. I think the LoL cartoonish graf never will be the same as the DoTA2 dark “horristic” ( 😛 ) style, and with this update LoL still the same but i feel like – especially in the begining of the trailer – that It’s a little bit historical and i like it. Gj Riot… 😀

    • Riot got bigger because of S1 and S2 gameplay and the fact they did Turnaments,they growed bigger this way and after that it kept going until it made this game with so big comunity,this made riot rich and glory,but the fact is…the bigger comunity it is the more chances for the game to fall,because people are different and the age of them make it to collapse.So i can say about League of Legends is….Mid or feed,top or I troll,please let me top,please leave or they say,take that “Champion” play support with it and make it AP,and late game ward baron…that is a piece of what it happens on ranking games.

  5. Finally a Copy by RIOT.
    Where are fanboys saying “mimimi copy of lol”?!

    Now its more like: Dota 2 is that you?
    Yes, it’s is.

    • Well couple of things before turning this turn into argue .
      If i look into game i probably can find a game that is totally same in vision as dota 2 and start spaming it is .
      League is already 6 years since announce and almost 5 years since release , with the graphic progressions i think update was not a choice already , but a must . Only think they did for all these years is to make smoother an existing graphics and more like simplyfing for more people to play and reduce interface scaling – some people are afraid and dont like huge interfaces .

      And no i’m not a fan of LoL i just prefer it then dota 2 , and i do have both on my pc .

      Also to me this and the units looks like starcraft then dota 😛

    • “better” being translated:…
      decodified content:…
      result: “the old map doesnt crash butt sex my wooden toaster on wich i play LoL”

  6. Looks like crap, are they really going to turn LoL into DOTA 2?

    Not to mention the minimal requirements to play LoL will jump quite a bit, so i’ll be seeing a spike in FPS, and so will a lot of other european players.

  7. This is… the third or fourth time they’ve updated the Rift? To put it in another light, the map is being made to be closer aesthetically to many of the new champion models.

    So they look like they belong, instead of smooth champs on a gritty map, we’ll have smooth champs on a smooth map… outside of those that haven’t had an update yet, of course.

          • Its Loco, and that one had loads of potential but the marketing team failed completely. Definitely played that sucker all the time. The only problem I could see was having to make armor with extra stats which could make it unbalanced in peoples eyes. I would of taken that out. They also had a solo mode where you could take your MOBA hero and go through a dungeon.

          • indeed LOCO was the best 3rd Moba game untill they changed it from Lobby to quests,town…something like RPG Moba game,it was a fail…many bugs was for old accounts that entered in game.

    • Smite is a fun game, but these games are completely different. No one is going to listen to you the way you capitalize random words like “Shit”. I play both games and they are both really fun. Looks like the majority of players agree LoL is the better game anyways, but your tiny brain probably cannot comprehend it.

      • League of Legends should be called League of Kids online,because of those super hero kids that think everything that flyes it can be eated…so maybe the game is OK but the comunity of it is a big fat sh1t,in addition the new gameplay that they want for us to experience is far away from S2 of League of Legends were the win was a win and the loose did not look like you lost,it was fun to play it in season 2 and now is just a fail.The more they want to upgrade,the more fail will be.The fact of new map upgrade is because they want to keep people in game and forget about trolls,stupid kids and people that do not know about champions.

        • You should play League of Kids. You seem to fit well in there.

          1. Your arguments make no sense
          2. You’re an idiot
          3. You’re an idiot

          You are one of the players that are almost identical to the crappy LoL player: no brains, big mouth. Go back to LoL and stay there this time.

          (really, your arguments are utterly flawed and completely wrong)

          • Idiot is Riot that don`t care to manage this toxic comunity,guys like you ruined the League of Legends,you think i`m newbie?I play from season 2 and I played 10 hours per day,I dont care about what you say and when you say about me that i`m idiot…I mentioned League of Kids because now are more kids than adults in this game and most are Greeks,French and dominated by Poland kids,they are the worst players in League of Legends and few of them really know to play.I`ve seen Golden,Platinum,Diamond players that play like a Bronze 3 player,and i`ve seen some Silver players that play better than other Diamond,Platinum or Gold players.So for those who think i`m idiot,go play League of Legends and see if i`m wrong.

  8. It looks amazing, but I wouldn’t just call it a tweak in terms of a Visual update, It looks completely new but it’s the same orientation, and the monsters and minions are different.

    New look, just same gameplay, something to look forward to and makes League up to date compared to other mobas. It will certainly keep me playing it than other games.


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