To add to this weeks All-Star festivities going down in Shang-hai, Riot Games unveiled a completely redesigned Magma Chamber map. While the original was intended to provide 5 man teams with smaller, more tactical fights across a large map, this new iteration is designed for just 1v1 and 2v2 fights with the overall map significantly smaller than its predecessor.

Although your favorite pros will be testing their skills on it all week, the Magma Chamber map won’t be seeing public play until right before the start of Season 4, so enjoy this little taste of what’s to come.

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  1. There is a new community getting created for 1v1 tournaments on the Magma Chambers map. They have been hosting successful tournaments for months now, teasing their system and preparing everything for launch. They give away Razer Prizes to the first place winner in the tournaments and Riot Points or Paypal money to the chatroom.

    From the look of it, it seems legit. The founder is a streamer on twitch called cdxsc2 and his website for the tournaments is cdxstream [dot] com

  2. im dota player and i can say lol are easy to easy thats why noobs find it fun to play, when i went just to try out i find it really boring, my friend there is lvl 30 and i could out play him in his own game, brainless noobs dont even know how to gang or use any strategy. but when they come to try dota they die die and die.

    • I know what you mean. I started with hon then dota then lol. Every time i play lol I only see the easy things about it. But the thing is both games need their own skills and just because one takes more dosent mean the other one is easier.

  3. I had some problems logging in too but the only thing i had to do was resync my internet time like the support page suggested and that worked. I have had to do it a couple times though because after a while i couldn’t log on AGAIN.

  4. This is crazy… its just another 1 lane map >.> there is nothing special about this map… in that whole video no one use the outsides lmfao it was just strait middle

  5. Gotta love LOL; they did solething right… then realized their audience are brainless ADD “rush the middle with all assassins” and they change the game to cater to them XD, Large map with smaller tactical battles for 5 man groups……AWESOME and NEEDED….oh… forgot out audience buy assassins by the truck load andpour into the ARMA gameplay…guess we will patch that idea…. Screw LoL, uninstallled after “beating the game” (had best everything, rank, character progression, purchases)…. just had to many basement dwellers, non competitice “we want instant action now” fan bois spill into the arena and change the feel. In fact, the division between cash playing zombies, and people that enjoy stratgic battles is so great they should just call the game League of Teemos and assassins.

  6. frankly i have no talent for mobas xD

    i got trashed really bad i guess u need talent for these types of games =P .

    but im good at mmorpgs i play tanks well 0.0

    • What are you saying you don’t need talent. I brought my friends in the play and boy…did they suck
      But since they played as a group they didn’t have to deal with the ragers yet.

      The MoBa genre isn’t for everyone.

      And….TANK WITH ME BROTHER! lol

    • moba’s arent usually a community friendly environment when you are new or you play bad but you just need to find people who are willing to help you out of a bad rut, when you find that moba’s are quite enjoyable

      off topic : i needs a new MMORPG got any that are laptop user friendly? <3

  7. old game was more balanced,had no OP items,no OP champs,u could play it with every champ u want and still did something in that game,now new champs,new maps and new items are op,and screw the fun that gathered people in this game,now i play only lol pbe,its not the same but it has more funny things there:D My opinion is that,we need old fun game play on league of legends,we don t wont op items,op champs,and troll maps like ARAM

    • Agreed, the meta is so strongly ingrained in peoples minds that if I ask for a duo-top (so no jungler) people will cuss me out and usually rage-quit. I think they should add another proper 5v5 map like summoners rift but make it more designed around fighting and less around killing minions and towers. We don’t need a friggin 1v1-2v2 map

  8. Ehh i 1.LoL has went to such a bad phase that some many players are leaving it but anyway i keep playing it but its not the same as 1st season (old players will understand).

    • dota2 and/or dota (depends on if you can play dota)>Heroes Of Newerth>League Of legends
      and they are the same in terms of lerning curves/difficulty, I wonder why…

      LoL is only big because you can play it on Laptop and it has always been free, many people didn’t “dare” to buy a moba because they had never tried the genre so they just started playing LoL which was F2P from start + that alot of people from countries like East Eu, Russia and Asia play it since the average PC is crappier than, let’s say northern EU and the US but they can still play LoL and now they have a big player base which means cash, cash means more staff and money in the game which make development more rapid + Pro gamers comes for the big prize moneys. These are the only reasons why LoL is big, I’m sorry but it’s true.

      I really hope LoL dies so that dota2 gets more time to shine and smaller, innovative companies can grow freely without the need to copy LoL/dota to survive. We don’t need another WoW with it’s clones

        • How can you cherish this game? honestly how can you cherish a game where everyone constantly rages/makes fun of you just because you didn’t do good, just because you wanted to try something different, just because you wanted to have fun. Honestly i play LoL a lot because my friends do but out of the like 500 games i’ve played there have been like 10 where people were actually nice. I honestly do hope LoL dies so all those ragers and dickheads who cherish this game can chill out for once in their lives :P. Anyways just my twenty cents

          • ok then, how can ppl cherish ice hockey or soccer or football? ppl rage MUCH more in those sports, even the crowd rage as hell and people die there because of it. the rage in LoL is nothing and you cant say the game is bad because people rage. we all rage, even u, because we r human, human has emotions. LoL is the most popular game atm for reason, the LoL community pretty much matches the soccer community at popularity. the game is big but no1 makes u like and play it, just live with it

      • Dota and Dota 2 stand where they are today because of the way they publicized the game as did League of Legends, only issue is LoL did it smarter and made a subtle yet effective, unique feature for a MOBA : locked camera which lets those who use laptops (such as myself) to play and grow to enjoy the game.

        I have tried Dota 2,Smite and waiting on trying Dawngate and personally i find LoL better then Dota but I do agree some of the new champions to LoL do have some OP features but you’re forgetting its a MOBA style game meaning any champion can become “OP” it just requires teamwork, good communication and skill of the champion and the environment of the game.

        TLDR: well too bad if you were feeling lazy :3

      • There’s more to it that people played LoL. It’s user friendly and has a minor learning curve. If the same person jumps into DotA 2 they will find it a lot harder. I played dota before LoL came out and i can say that dota was a LOT harder to learn. League presented the moba and it’s fun with multiple people from around the world. And in season 1 there were no money for pros, no ranked, no prizes what so ever. Just mindless fun. I’m sorry that you don’t like League. And saying that asian computers are crappy. I’m sorry but did you forget where your laptop came from? Oh that’s right….Asia. (some aren’t some are. I have a stereotype) League is big because it’s been out there for years and brought in the people that never even touched a moba. THATS why it’s big not the money.

        but..I do understand your ideas. The moba genre has never been big. And all of the sudden multiple companies began making mobas. I mean look at them >_>.

        Note- Some of you will not read all that. and…I don’t blame you šŸ˜› I wouldn’t either.

  9. My interest in League of Legends dropped substantially. It took me months of trying uninstalling and trying again until i finally understood why it was so popular. I ended up spending like 15 bucks on champions and leveld up to 30 or whatever i forget now lol. but every time i try to play now it is dead inside. I like Fiora and Nocturne the best and I used to like lux and miss fortune. etc. the game bores me to death the latest map i tried was terrible. i have been banned several times for leaving early on out of boredom. im glad its over. it hooked me for a good 2 or 3 months. i see the game as a novelty now but i will probably screw with it again. i like the original game mode and rarely dominion because of its fast pace.

    • you got 2 problems there mate
      1: you are inpaitiant (i cant spell) if you stay in the game it gets better and more fun.

      2: usually people that arn’t to great at the game rage quit early on from bored of feeding.

      P.S try arams or some customs or normals with some friends makes the game alot more enjoyable.

  10. I love to see new things adding to LoL but what i would much more welcome is, if the DAMN SERVER WOULD LET US LOG IN. 5 dam days now im not able to join at all with my account. Im not the only one. I also wrote on the forum already about it. Its so awfule.
    After reading this morning thru the LoL forum again, it seems like the other servers are going to have the same problems now too.
    5 Days i just cant log in.

    They dont mention it at all. They just keep coming up with new skins and this all star weekend, like i do care. I DONT, i wanna play by myself.

    sigh, im still so mad and if i wont be able to join on this weekend, i will go back to Dota2.


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