Alright, y’all. If you were waiting on Rogue Company to come to Steam before playing it, your wait is over. The is now available on Valve’s platform — easily accessible there for people who were already playing the game. According to the FAQ, current players don’t need to create a new account to play on Steam and will be able to carry their progress over as well as easily move between Steam and whatever other systems they elect to play on.

Currently, the Season Two battle pass (as well as other content) is available to purchase via Steam. Those who elect to purchase on that platform can play the same content on other platforms provided they link their account to Steam (and this is the important bit) PRIOR to actually playing on Steam and obtaining the battle pass. (Just a note here that in the FAQ it mentions the battle pass being free, while on Steam it’s listed for $5.)

Also of note is that Rogue Bucks may or may not transfer from one system to another. The breakdown is that Rogue Bucks purchased on Nintendo Switch or the EGS will transfer, those purchased on the PlayStation Store won’t transfer nor will the PS Store accept transfers from other platforms, and Xbox purchases will transfer out but won’t accept transfers in. So… I guess… Choose wisely.

If you’d like to make the jump from another platform to Steam. I’d definitely suggest reading through the FAQ on the Rogue Company site. There are several things you’ll want to pay attention to (like that thing about linking accounts before actually playing anything because you can’t merge a played on Steam account with one you may have on another platform).

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  1. I don’t like how it’s 3rd person only and when your HP goes to zero you don’t die, but enter this “taken down” state where you crawl on the floor defenseless.. I find the game completely stupid and boring to me.


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