RTS/FPS Hybrid Game "Silica" Highlights 3 Unique Game Modes To Play

3 unique game modes means there's a mode for you.

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Silica 3 game modes

Whether you're looking to play humans or aliens, Silica has a game mode tailored for 3 unique types of play. The RTS/FPS hybrid game went into detail today about its game modes in a blog post showcasing each one.

The flagship game mode in Silica is called "Strategy Mode" and can be played in any combination up to a 3-way conflict between factions. Play in a lobby of up to 12 people with friends or others. Strategy Mode combines RTS and FPS as you attempt to control the battlefield to gather resources, build infrastructure, and eliminate the opposition. As the Commander, you see to the RTS side of things, moving units, building structures, etc. As Infantry, you get to play the FPS side of the game, controlling one unit on the battlefield. It works the same way for both humans and aliens, except alien infantry units can do things like climb walls, cliffs, and various rock formations.

"Prospector Mode" is the second game type in Silica and this serves as the introduction to the game. After landing your pod on the surface, you'll be tasked with exploring the area for Balterium, a resource you need to collect before extracting from the planet. There will be enemies along the way to take out. Prospector mode can be played alone or in multiplayer.

Finally comes "Arena Mode", an all-out, no-holds-barred deathmatch in Silica. Try out different units to get a feel for each one with the ability to switch to a different unit when you die. This continues until one side gets the number of required kills and the match ends.

It sounds like Silica has thought of several ways to showcase both the RTS and FPS aspects of the game, giving players the option to explore the world in whatever manner suits them best.

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