RuneScape continues to remain relevant as Jagex has just released the third iteration of the popular MMO.

If you haven’t heard already, RuneScape 3 marks a significant revitalization of the MMO with a new story arc, interface, overhauled visuals and over 6 hours of new music. RuneScape 3 also marks the MMO’s transition away from its staple Java client in favor of a fancy new HTML5 setup. Unfortunately, Jagex is recommending players hold off on using the HTML5 engine as it’s still in testing.

To celebrate the launch Jagex is inviting all players to participate in the Battle of Lumbridge, a two month-long event where players can choose sides between two powerful factions. Each week players can collect divine tears which can be gathered through combat and skilling. Collecting tears will generate renown for the player which can be exchanged for XP lamps, hybrid armour, emotes, and more.

Players can expect the event to change week to week depending on their actions and the side with the most tears after ten weeks will emerge victorious. More details regarding these events can be found here.

Returning players looking for a more detailed list of changes should check out RuneScape 3’s official FAQ.

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  1. Bic bou,you do realize that rs Total created accounts count is at 205m now? Even today when people call it dead there are still 500k Members so please dont just post a bad comment cuz u dislike the game and realize rs was the first real mmo ever on this planet

  2. This game was never relevant; mmos have always been leaps and bounds above Runescape and always will be. The only people who play this are the same kind of people who rave over how great EQ1 was; the kind of old fogies who, by today’s standards in the gaming industry, are no longer relevant. So, no loss. Runescape isn’t even a blip on the gaming industry’s radar.

  3. I tried to play this game on many occasions & the controls suck, the camera angles suck, & the UI sucks! I can’t even figure out how to move my toon let alone fight. as far as I am concerned this game will suck until they change the controls, UI & camera angles! City of Steam is way better!

  4. Runescape “3” is kind of a joke. Slight graphical upgrades (you have to actually seek them out because most of it is very unobvious).
    The UI was “updated”. By updated I mean they hired a sadist hipster who thought functionality was way too mainstream, so they royally screwed that up.
    They added some lame story that forced me to watch a poorly animated cutscene I did not care at all about.

    Overall, nothing has changed. Runescape 3 is just Runescape 2 except they stuck a few updates together and called it a new game….its like Call of Duty now.
    I anticipate Runescape 4’s release next year, looking almost exactly the same except rearranging the UI and adding a few quests to make it look like they did something.

    Also they didn’t even wait to add their new skill with it…how retarded are they. That at least could have made the transition to Runescape 3 actually have SOMETHING tangible.

  5. Any time I hear something bad about runescape, 99% of the time its about graphics.

    Physical attraction only goes so far, no matter how good something looks eventually you will get sick of the sight of it. RuneScape despite popular belief is one of the best mmorpg’s I have ever played. Thats if you have the time to play that much to experience most of it.

    Chocolate sauce looks like crap too but it taste so dam nice, why not give runescape a go.

    • That’s odd, because it’s biggest downside is it’s heavy restrictions on non-members. Graphics still suck, but that’s not the thing that makes it bad.

      • I agree. I personally didn’t bother playing RS because of all those restrictions for free players. And i think that’s the reason why good amount of people isn’t giving RS a try, not everyone is a graphic-nazi.

  6. Eh, played about 5 minutes of it and lost interest. I suppose the heavy membership restrictions just turn me away from it and it doesn’t help that the tutorial kept throwing members only stuff at me. Seriously, that’s a major design flaw. Can’t afford membership? Here let’s slap you in the face with the stuff you COULD use if you pay us!


    • From the FAQ:

      How has the camera system been updated?

      We now have two camera modes – Classic and RS3 – which you can switch between in the Game Settings interface. The default for existing players is Classic Camera and this is very similar to the camera you used in RS2 except we’ve added in the ability for you to zoom in much closer to your character. The RS3 camera is a new mode with more freedom to look around and which pivots more precisely around your character.


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