Jagex is celebrating a milestone in the free to play game’s history. RuneScape has added its 200th quest and the questline itself takes players to an alternate reality where some iconic locales in the game are a bit different than players are used to seeing them.

The “Dimension of Disaster” quest has a number of smaller quests taking place in New Varrock, the capital city of this alternate reality, and rewards players with gear that is only wearable inside this alternate dimension. There’s also prerequisites for some quests that require you having completed the parallel quests in the “real world.” On the downside for some though, the main quest requires that you be a RuneScape member to start.

If looking back is your thing, the video above may take you through some nostaligic moments in your RuneScape questing career as the JMods sit and reveal the Top 10 RuneScape quests of all time as voted on by the players.

For all the additional items available to explore in this alternate reality, check out the full 200th quest details.

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