Since this is the beginning of the year, Jagex has decided to expand on their monthly “Month Ahead” episodes for RuneScape and make a video looking forward over the next 12 months instead.

As 12 months is a pretty long amount of time, especially in game development, only the first two months are gone into with any detail. January brings a memorial to Guthix, which will require players to combine “memory strands” with fragments from Guthix’s past in order to create “echoes” to place in their temple for XP.

Also coming this month is Nex: Angel of Death, and all new Nex encounter featuring a new area, mechanics and rewards.

February, on the other hand will introduce a new quest, new tools that can be augmented, and a double XP weekend. For the rest of the year, Jagex is a bit more general, offering a brief look at what’s happening in the coming months. You can see the full overview in the video above. Or, if you’re somewhere where you cannot watch the video right now, you can opt to read about it on the game’s site.

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  1. This game still exists?!?!?!?!?! Wow maybe I should check it out but I know a dumbed down version of this game its heavily underfunded if runescape didnt exist they would of likely been in the spotlight where runescape is right now.


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