It’s time once again to hit the Beach in RuneScape for some fun in the sun! From now until August 8, residents of Gielinor can had to Lumbridge Crater to partake in activities ranging from a coconut shy, a bar-be-cue, body building, and more. You’ll earn XP “and other useful bits and bobs” for your participation, as well as appropriate outfits, pets, animations, and more.

You’ll especially want to make sure to keep an eye out for the “bodacious crustacean” Clawdia, who spawns every hour at 45 minutes after the hour. Defeat her to obtain an Anti-Sun Potion so you can stave off the sun’s rays and keep piling up the rewards. Learn more about the Beach and all its events, old and new, on the RuneScape site.

Also new in RuneScape today is the new Cease command that lets you pause or interrupt your character’s actions — “for those times when hitting that big monster might be less than beneficial,” as Jagex put it. Other quality-of-life improvements include a boss timer so you’ll know exactly when that big baddie is due to spawn, and five new free bank presets for Members, because I always report on better inventory management!

Finally, the Elder God Wars are almost upon us. The trailer for this epic clash will debut on Friday, July 16; in the meantime, everything you need to know about preparing for the war can be found here. A number of skills, quests, and items are recommended, and you’d hate to be “that guy” who caused your side to lose the war because you weren’t prepared.

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