Runescape Darkscape

Apparently, DarkScape was too hardcore for its own good and will soon be getting the permadeath treatment after just six months. Jagex announced yesterday that its “experimental gameplay mode with emergent PvP” will be shutting down on March 28, with some “surprises as a ‘thank you'” to the RuneScape spinoff’s dedicated community.

Jagex gives a not-unexpected reason for the shutdown — just not enough people were playing. Many came from other versions of RuneScape and then went back to their original games after trying out DarkScape, but the team hopes to take what it learned about PvP back into the main game.

In the meantime, DarkScape players can look forward to “general worldwide chaos” until the showdown, and anyone who logged in 20+ times and logged 10+ hours since the start of the year will get a month’s membership in RuneScape.

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  1. Developers didn’t even try hard to make Darkscape a success. They half-assed updates such as the bank update. Instead of a central bank with 450 slots, players have 3 banks with 150 slots that do not share identical items. Instead of 500 tuna in one bank taking up 1 slot, players have 100 tuna in bank A, 150 tuna in bank B, and 250 tuna in bank C that takes 3 slots. Another half-assed update is a 1 vs 1 pvp only zone which after a player leaves it after attacking a player, becomes multi-combat, 10 vs 1.

  2. It just shows they should of stuck with the normal updates on runescape. its tough to divide a community set in stone, especially with the amount of work & time involved in being there in the first place.


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