Citing “contracts concluding,” Games has announced that the Russian Service for Lord of the Rings Online will come to an abrupt end just a little over a month from now on June 1st. New character generation was shut down yesterday.

Active players on the service will still be able to play until June 1st, and the “Keen Eye” Tavern has been opened up and provides players access to all the gear and advancement they could want to take their last few adventures through the free to play version of Middle Earth. Cash shop items have been reduced to 1 Mark.

We’ve talked before about the end coming at some point for Lord of the Rings Online, and in recent posts from an ex-employee we were warned that the end would come swiftly. Is this just the start? With a little over a year left on the contract for Turbine to use the IP, I think the Western audience for the game still has quite a bit of time left, but the clock is most assuredly ticking. Games is offering bonuses in Allods Online, Perfect World, and Dragon Nest for players that want to transition to another MMORPG. Check out the full, though brief, announcement.

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  1. “Turbine’s wrath will be terrible, their retribution, swift. The time for paying for patches is over, the days of fully free, are about to begin. All our hopes now lie in the hands of young indie companies”
    looks like Gandalf was right.


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