Russian publisher 101XP isn’t satisfied with Bless. When the game launched in Russia, it only contained 45 of the 60 levels it was supposed to have and was decidedly unfinished. Because of this, the publisher has decided to shut the game down for a while and send it back to the developer to be “revised.”

101XP issued a formal announcement about the matter stating that the players and 101XP itself had high hopes for the game which were not met. The servers will close May 25th. When they will come back up depends on how long it takes for the required changes to be made.

As one can imagine, this is likely mixed news for Russian Bless fans, who will likely appreciate the work being done but miss playing the game until its fixed.

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  1. still milking few brainless nerds with fake free to play games with subscriptions cash shops and pay to win stuff (facepalm), 101XP just dont want to work for food or scam people

  2. That publisher came out of nowhere and is shady as hell. All their actions speak of inexperience and hunger for quick profits. I won’t be surprised if they’ll close all their recent big name games shortly after release.

  3. Don’t know why really, as this is beta testing, its about finding problems not finding them like we do and then asking for a refund. lol I think they just need to test and help out and allow the developers to call the shots, not the other way around! These wannabe handlers have nothing to do with the game, they supply & maintain servers and maintain & watch players.

    • Yea they have no right nor ability to modify the game, only events which are already integrated in-game. As a publisher I respect them alot for doing this, since most publishers would just keep the shit game and just frustrate their playerbase.


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