alaplaya revealed that a new expansion is coming to hit its online third-person shooter S4 League later this month. The new season, entitled “Iron Eyes,” will be the second installment in a series of major updates to the action-packed title, and will feature a new game mode, maps, weapons, and costumes. Players who want to test their mettle against all that Iron Eyes has in store don’t have long to wait, as S4 League: Season 2 will be available for users worldwide to try at the end of July!

Set on top of iron pillars in the sky, the new “Skyline” map will introduce players to some truly dangerous aerial gunplay. With designated jump points throughout the map, players will be challenged to effectively use their surroundings to take out opponents both in the air and on the ground. Players who aren’t a fan of heights will have the alternative option of playing on “Ironheart,” a new sphere-shaped map wrought out of cold iron. They’ll need to be cautious of their surroundings in this metallic maze, however, as this map also houses unstable nuclear reactions that can pack a real punch.

In addition to the maps, a new game mode called “Siege” will also be included in the Season 2 update. In Siege mode, players will have the opportunity to experience even more all-out team warfare as they work together to capture the enemy’s base. With the goal objective of obtaining points from 200 to 400, players can acquire scores by capturing the enemies’ base, killing enemies or healing their allies.

If those updates weren’t enough, new costumes, such as the Royal and Imperial Guard Set, and weapons, such as the turret, assault rifle, and the guillotine counter sword, will also be added to the weapon cache.

For more details about Season 2, as well as info on how to join the fight today, check out the official S4 League website at


  1. Btw , Those guys who say ” this is a hacker paradise ” or ” there so many hackerz ” etc ……
    actually never tried the game before !!!!! i played this game for Months and actually seen only 1 hacker in my life time . so stop pushing away the new players from playing this game >.> and shut up !!!

  2. Agreed I hardly ever see any hackers in this game perhaps you guys need to stop with the QQ and learn to pew pew

  3. Awesome update, i just played this like a month ago. It sure have changed a lot XD this is still a really fun game and server connection have really improved greatly since i played this years ago.
    I haven’t noticed any hackers in the game last month so don’t let the mere presence of hackers ruin your fun and just give it another shot.

  4. Shame the game is overrun by hackers and alaplaya do nothing about it, this game is about as easy to hack as a flash game.. :/

    • Sad hackers don’t need that jump platform to jump higher, if this game had no hackers, I would play it(lie I hate those graphics).

      • yes they are indeed hackerz in the game
        but personaly i love that game playing it for like 1 year+
        never learned how to hack thou xD
        and the graphics are better then this <. <

        • just a sad unprotected game, i rlly love the concept, its just fckn unbelievable they don’t do anything at all T.T


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