If you’ve been waiting for Funcom to officially announce the Secret World Legends Halloween event… well… they more or less skipped that whole process and went straight to starting the event today. (Although there is an accompanying announcement on the game’s site that went up this morning as well.)

From what I can see, it doesn’t look like too much has changed from last year. The Jack of the Lantern Agartha raid is back, Madame Roget needs your help with disappearing cats, and there are daily login rewards to be had. If you did the event last year, you’ve probably gotten most of these but on your first login during the event, you will get a new Pale Horse mount. FYI, it looks like there are no new Legends to be found either. Although, if you didn’t get them all last year, the remaining ones are back.

Another new-ish thing this year is The Broadcast action mission. (It’s appeared in The Secret World, but I believe this is its first time in Legends.) When you log in, you’ll get a phone call from Dave Screed asking for your help solving a mystery. The mission scales according to player rank. So don’t think this is just going to be a breeze.

On another note, Funcom dropped a new cache yesterday, the Oni War Cache. At the time they didn’t provide a video. But there’s one now. So here’s a peek.

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