Maple Media, an indie studio from the Netherlands, announced today that the Founder’s packs for its free-to-play MMO SamuTale are now available for purchase. In addition to the Founder’s packs, the company also revealed that alpha testing on the game will be available soon.

SamuTale is an open world, sandbox MMO that boasts everything from village building to full-loot PvP. Players will be able to build villages wherever they want, building houses and walls, and farming as well.

SamuTale features action combat and Clan vs Clan PvP. Players can start or join clans as they like.

Presently, Maple Media hasn’t announced the official date for the game’s alpha testing period. However, those interested in the game can guarantee themselves access by picking up either the Silver or Gold Founder’s packs. Bronze will get you into beta.

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  1. the game in a nutshell: spawn, grind for levels and gear, get killed by 5 players and lose all your gear, repeat getting gear,get killed by the same guys again,repeat

    they add full lootable players cause they barely have anything to keep them busy so making them lose all their gear over an over again is a way to lenghten a game’s time that’s very lazy of them.

    • Samutale Site:
      Players fighting each other is something quite common in SamuTale. If you die in combat, you will sometimes lose your items which will result in the other player grabbing everything. That said, you can’t just randomly attack others and always grab their stuff.

      In SamuTale we have a PvP tag system to prevent ganking. Killing people will give you a murderer tag for a certain amount of time. Being a murderer means you lose all your stuff when you die. If you’re not tagged, you will not lose your stuff. So the danger of losing items will only affect players that recently killed someone else.”

  2. Runescape/albion copy aww yea one more for the pille keep em coming guys money grow on trees who needs new and fresh game copies are where the money grow


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