Fun fact, Rusty Hearts was the first game I ever reviewed. Sad fact, after three years the dungeon-based fantasy MMO is coming to an end on September 15th. The news broke across the game’s official site late last week, with Perfect World Entertainment thanking fans for their “loyalty, dedication, and countless hours crawling through dungeons.”

Although the official servers aren’t coming down until September, PWE has already removed the ability to download the game and current players will not be able to add additional currency to use in the cash shop. Users who’ve logged in over the past 30 days can expect to have their past 6 months’ worth of Zen purchased or transferred into Rusty Hearts refunded for use in any other titles on PWE’s Arc platform.

Were you a fan of the Hearts?

By Michael Dunaway

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. PWE dont do updates on other games because now they have Swordsman online so they whant to make Cash from it,that`s why they focus now on SWO because it is populated now and they will make money untill people will realise what is about PWE and leave this game too,so i`l hope Rusty Hearts to be on other company because i loved it,it has great gameplay and loved PvP of it,but as you say Cash shop is Cancer of the game.

  2. it was such a good game.. i only stopped because of the lack of playerbase, such a shame; really enjoyed combo-ing everything to death

  3. I liked certain aspects of the game. but the fact that no one wanted to do dungeons togethr killed. it was pretty much a solo player game and I didnt liek that part at all so I quit. Why are F2P players so vile and just bullies ? For this reason WoW will not did. the monthly sub , filters out shiits

  4. I played it on launch, it was really funa nd the story was good. i left beucase of the infinite grinding and because PWE eventually ruined it witht he cash shop

  5. Shame. It was a good game. Based on some things I’ve read,this has nothing to do with PWE’s cash shop (which really wasn’t that awful as far as PWE cash shops go), and more to due with certain situations out of PWE’s control. I mean,yeah,fuck Perfect World but it doesn’t seem like there was much they could really do here.

    BTW,someone just informed me of an upcoming, international, private server known has as Rusty Revolution. Supposedly,it’s in closed BETA right now and will include some of the content we never got here in the NA version of the game. Haven’t checked it out yet myself,though.

  6. Again people blaming PWE’s cash shop

    first of all, the game didn’t shut down because of the cash shop, the game got empty because the dungeons were repetitive and most of the game felt more like a single player game

    second, the game shutting down has nothing to do with PWE, it has to do with lack of support from the development team… PWE doesn’t develop anything, PWRD does, and this is not a PWRD game either, this is a korean game

    hate pwe if you want, but don’t create stupid theories about it jsut to keep hating them

    • If it is lack on support with the developer’s team PWE must inform at least the players and the community about the problem as well but PWE did nothing they just left the players hanging for a long time if ever the game got an update. some loyal players think that it will be revived but a 1 year no response and letting hackers do their works that PWE cannot give out (like costumes etc.) make it worse that players soon leave the game as it is. I think that PWE plan it for a long time to shutdown the game they just waiting for a proper time for it. Also, they have just announce it earlier than keep the game hanging with no updates, content etc.

  7. People complaining about PWE as always, while im sitting here actually playing one of their games.

    Can you find something better to do than complain.

  8. I’ll miss this game. Although it did have it’s problems and was…sketchy at best with it’s item shop (on one hand costumes had stats, on another they can be traded and often where sold for in-game currency..) i still loved and enjoyed this game. Not sure why, but I did. Good bye rusty hearts o/

  9. rusty hearts din’t get shut down cuase of pwe the dev’s just din’t add any content at all research about it before you say ERMAGUR WORST PUBLISHER EVUUUUUUUUUUUR

    • PWE’s Pay2Win Method = Loss of Playerbase
      Loss of Playerbase = No Funding for Developers
      No Funding for Developers = No Updates

      That’s how I see it.

      • The developer actually had a conflict with stolen content and using assets without permission, or at least claims. The original publisher dropped them then they spiraled into debt, I’m pretty sure they shut down, PWE actually had nothing to do with it, even if the game generated loads of cash nothing would have saved their reputation.

    • “And nothing of value was lost…”

      That’s what your mom said when she left you at McDonalds and didn’t realize it till she got home.

        • Hey dude….don’t get all neck bread nerd raging on me just because your mom forgot you. I mean they asked her if she wanted to super size and she had to think so hard about that…that she forgot she left you at the booth. Get over it!

          • My father raped me when I was a child so now I try to anti-troll but fail at it when the worst I have is fat jokes and ‘neck beard’. Playing white knight makes me feel like a big man on the internet so I can sleep easier at night knowing I’ll never get laid because I spend time lurking on MMOBOMB instead of trying to get a piece of ass.

  10. Nexon and PWE are the cancer of F2P games. Rusty Hearts was a really good game until PWE did their usual “Our cash shop breaks the game!” and everyone left. They milk as much as they can from the game before they toss it aside after everyone gets sick of it and leaves. Not to mention PWE did not update RH in a long time, a looooong time.

    I’d play Rusty Hearts again if it got the DFO treatment with another not terrible company bringing it back.

    • It has been 9 month since last update on Blacklight Retribution and another few more months to go before a update, hearing that is not a surprise at all to me.

      • Blacklight had so much going for it but PWE just had to squander all of that. They halted all new content and patches to make the devs work on the PS4 version, despite the PC version still being in a clearly unfinished state. The PS4 version ended up being panned anyway for it’s greedy business model because the dumb f*cks left out the option for free players to buy permanent items. After that, they still didn’t add or fix anything, they just ratcheted up the GP price of everything to chase even more players away.

  11. Eh, this game had too many bugs and flaws anyway. It didn’t seem to be updated as often, and the game was already dying.


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