After five years of development and Alpha Testing, Solid Clouds’ sci-fi MMORTS Starborne is almost ready to make the leap into Open Beta. But before that happens, the developer has decided Alpha phase needs to go out with a bang — in the form of a Tournament Server.

The server will launch on December 1, bringing with it new mechanics and rules — composed in cooperation with the game’s community. There will also be new in-game rewards. Aside from continued testing, the server will give players an idea of what they’ll be looking at when Open Beta launches in early 2020.

To prepare players for the Tournament server, Solid Clouds has provided a short list of its special rules and features. These can be seen below.

  • Entry Requirements – Premium Account status or having built six stations in any server
  • Shop Closed – Only cosmetics, Premium Account status and Premium Factions will be available
  • Station Building – Complete rework from the ground up
  • Multiple Rewards – Participation, Survival and Victory Rewards to be won in-game
  • Bigger Coalitions – Coalitions will facilitate 100 players in total, increased from 60
  • Earlier Lockdown – Alliance and Coalition lockdowns will happen on Day 29 (beginning of week five)
  • No More Navy Base – Navy Base is removed from the game
  • Return to Sender – Alliance/Coalition structures will automatically return fleets if they are over the fleet cap
  • Bug Smashing – The development team will be spending a significant amount of time smashing bugs prior to (and during) the Tournament Server

Additional information is available on the game’s site.

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  1. During the early stages I had good time in this game till walls started to hit I also re tried it last year to same result, I can not see this being any better now, but I will give it benefit of the doubt by another try.
    Like all build games devs tend to forget that if you want to capture and hold players you need to allow a fluid game flow which carries on no matter how further you get.
    All build games tend to forget that, they tend to go for the 2mth/3mth or even year to build (as in eve online, as I consider eve online a browser game)
    The devs of these build games need to bring more life into the games having things in there that hold and capture not as they are still now stagnant in their directions, while leting go and releasing players to never come back because of way too much time to do things and walls.


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