If all that open-world roaming is too much work for you and you’d rather just jam yourself into a limited space with tons of stuff to kill, then Revelation Online has you covered. The game’s new Scour Dungeons offer up a daily dose of slaughter, with great rewards to boot — though there are some limits.

Scour Dungeons operate from levels 20-73, pitting players against hordes of monsters of their own level. There’s a limit as to how many you can slay per day, though, and that limit only recharges by 180 each day. That sounds a little bit like the limits in Skyforge that rubbed people the wrong way at its launch, but we’re sure My.com has learned from that mistake … right?

Maybe so. Once you’ve reached your kill limit, you’ll be given the option to morph into a monster yourself and attack other players. Or, if you just want to scare the +5 pants off other players, use a morph rune to take on the appearance — but not the skills — of a monster.

You can read more about Scour Dungeons on the Revelation Online site, along with a few ways you can increase your maximum kill limit. The article also explains how you can turn on or off your weekly hourlong double XP boost, and there’s a Scour Dungeon gif contest that runs until the 29th.


  1. Why this dungeon was made as a news?Is it new,nope.Its an event,nope.Is it something you should write about,nope.
    It’s just like writing “In revelations online you can fly” Well yes it’s there, you can,nothing new not a news worthy.

  2. F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, Space, click objective, wait, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F, Space, click objective, repeat

    So Hellsworth can you explain why are you so grumpy sometimes? I dunno … it’s because asian games made me so.


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