Sea Of Thieves Reveals One Million Players Have Reached Pirate Legend Status As They Roll Out Season Six

The ‘Forts of the Forgotten' update has arrived, bringing a new season with it.

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Sea Of Thieves 1 Million Pirate Legends

Sea of Thieves players have some shiny new content to look forward to this month. Developer Rare posted the release notes for the game's latest update (2.5.1) on the official site highlighting events, gameplay improvements, and more. They would also like to remind players that Season 6 is still available for those interested in getting all those goodies.

On the surface, it may not look like much has been done with the new update. The only gameplay improvement listed is the addition of a harpoon aim assist. Some new cosmetics have been added to the outpost store, as well. For those looking for more accessibility, two new features have been added to the 'Let Games Read to Me' system. The first will narrate the names of fish as they're pulled out of the water. The second will allow players to disable emote narration and clear up some of the audio overload.

On the events side things, Sea of Thieves is celebrating what they're referring to as the One Million Pirate Legends milestone. This means that one million of the game’s players have reached Pirate Legend status. Pirate Legends are players who have obtained rank 50 with at least three of the game’s trading companies. Most have green and purple outfits and very fast ships. In honor of the milestone, Rare posted a neat little infographic as well as more detailed information on what players are looking at there on the Sea of Thieves site.

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Never been in long enough plus I always thought that being legendary in this game is not a thing you want to do.

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