We haven’t heard from S2 Games in quite a while, last we saw the devs were still plugging away creating new content for Heroes of Newerth. But S2 has been busy behind the scenes and have emerged with Strife, a new MOBA with an increased focus on expunging toxic behaviour from MOBA communities.

S2 knows a thing or two about toxic communities, so Strife is serving as a fresh slate for the devs. A platform for them to take their past experiences and apply what they’ve learned. One might immediately wonder what S2 plans to do with Heroes of Newerth. The MOBA has experienced a decline since Dota 2 became available, but S2 says they will continue to support the MOBA alongside Strife.

Strife will be providing tools from the onset which will encourage players to collaborate. Similar to the systems currently used by Dota 2 and League of Legends, Strife will employ a “karma” system for policing bad behavior. After each game, players can choose to make a positive, negative or null action against others.

Those with loads of Karma are rated better among the community and receive more rewards. If you happen to be a debbie downer with a low Karma score, you just may receive coal instead, literally. Perhaps receiving a lump of black coal will remind players to police their behaviour and incentivise them to change their Karma score.

Strife is said to use the familiar tri-lane setup from other MOBAs, but will include some unique elements under the hood. Keeping with the whole “there is no I in team” moto, all gold will be shared between team members near where an enemy dies. Oh, and there is also something here about unleashing a giant albino ape named Krytos on unsuspecting teams. Players can even collect evolving pets which grant passive buffs to their character.

You can sign up for the currently unannounced closed beta by visiting the official site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. The more the merrier I guess. More competition means more innovation….but there will be many casualties in the process, and this one could easily be one of them.

  2. I see so much shit in this comment section that I feel bad for visiting this site. Shut up about the MMO’s, S2 is not a MMO company. They focus on casual pvp.

    and also, don’t judge before a game even have a beta. Everything can still change…

  3. Listen Guys,

    There’s many mmorpgs out there, there’s probably 3x more mmorpg games than MOBA. There will also be more games other than MOBA that will come out. We all know we have our own likes and dislikes, one might prefer fps and one might prefer mmorpgs. I for sure get bored of games, every game, but I’m also looking forward to new games no matter what it is.

    So can we all please stop arguing and just not criticize games. Just come on guys try it out for once, you might not know, you will probably like it.

    • Only 3 times more? Dude when you compare the amount of MMORPG’s with the amount of MOBA’s it is a very huge difference. There is less then 15 MOBA’s atm (MMOBOMB got like 12-13 listed) while there are thousands and thousands of MMORPG’s.

      If you said there are x1000 times more MMORPG’s then MOBA you’d be closer to the estimate.

      • Well, I’ll give it to you, you do have quite the good point there. This guy needs to go the police department and become a detective, he would be greater than sherlock holmes.

  4. This game looks awesome. Finally a moba I can play without having to hinder my team because I dont know all the spells. This looks better then LoL. I think the style has its own look. It is cartoony but does not have the weird cell shade that LoL has. Definitely signing up for the beta. 🙂

  5. Oh look another MOBA.

    Atleast TRY guys…come on.
    Smite is doing MOBAs right, so if you’re going to do things, do it right and copy Smite.
    You’ll fail and crash and burn…but hell atleast you put some effort into your game.

  6. I told you MOBA’s sucked from the very start …

    If they want to make a strategy game (MOBA isn’t considered strategy or RTS) then they should go back and look at the old RTS games like Age of empires I II and III, Age of Mythology – Titans,
    Rise of Nations, Lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2 and ROTWK..

    I’m actually replaying these games cause idiots don’t know how to make a simple RTS game

    If you are looking for an RPG then you should go play Morrowind ,Oblivion,Skyrim,Fallout 3…etc

    Online F2P games I’m playing (Star Trek Online, World of tanks, World of Warplanes and a little bit of neverwinter)

  7. “… Strife will employ a “karma” system for policing bad behavior. After each game, players can choose to make a positive, negative or null action against others.”

    “..Those with loads of Karma are rated better among the community and receive more rewards. If you happen to be a debbie downer with a low Karma score, you just may receive coal instead, literally.”

    Pray, tell me..what exactly is preventing people from abusing said system to screw others over just because they don’t like them? From the sound of it all it will take is one jerkoff to decide he dislikes you and then he gets his friends in on it to totally screw your karma “just because”.

  8. Ok when I click something dealing with a new MOBA I read the comments and see a bunch of people complaining about the amount of MOBAs coming out.. I used to want to tell those people to stfu. Now its getting ridiculous.. I’ve become one of those people.. Everytime i come to mmobomb there is literally something new about a new MOBA..

  9. and no third person mobas, now we only have smite and maybe smnc but this one is quite dead, they should made InfiniteCrisis third person i bet they would made more success, marvel vs dc third person moba now that i would play.

  10. What devs are thinking about? I know it’s kinda stupid to tell company something like “Hey! We better make another game. Too many MOBAs out there, boss. ” They can produce anything but c’mon..at least do some analysis, ask people, and gosh..stop thinking about piles of gold. Even if some new MOBA will be popular, I doubt that it will beat Dota or LoL. Players will jump from one MOBA to another, counting good and bad sides but it will not change anything. -.-

  11. Jesus!Not again!! I’ve seen so much MOBA that looks different from the other but its just all the same! It gets f*cking annoying! Make a GOOD mmo, not just MOBA’s please!

    And I hate MOBA games!

        • Actually, there are 20 million MMOs out there. I’d rather have a new MOBA than a new MMO. You think League is enough? No, it’s not. The more MOBAs that come out, the more innovation that comes out, which other MOBAs can then take for themselves to improve THEIR product, breeding a great competitive edge where games get better and better. That’s the theory, anyway, and I believe in it.

          • Yea sure I mean theres a lot of MMO’s out there but they kept making some new MOBA over and over like End Of Nations they just made there fcking game like a MOBA they need some new MMO’s at least a MMOFPS/TPS or some new unique MMO that everyone would like I mean there DOTA 2,LOL, and the upcoming game Dawngate every frekin time I go look for a game I see is a new Fcking MOBA coming out theres alot of MOBA out there…

    • everytime I see a new moba I try it hoping that it might have something different. Although different does not always mean fun. Prime world for example had a lot of different things about it. Some of those things were fun, others…. I don’t talk about the others.


      • i think they should start making social games and …. strategy games because mmorpg fps and moba i seen alot .. or card games i think 😀

        • actually, no, there wont be too much of MMORPGS or MOBAS or whatever, i mean games get boring, dont get and if some games boring we stil need a break and play something else.

      • You also have to take replay value into mind. I know a lot of MMOs I have burnt myself out on, but DOTA 2 and LoL are more than enough for me. It is like a fighting game, in the sense that you just do PVP matches. I mean, WoW had some decent PvP, but it wasn’t the same feel, so I played MOBAs for my PvP. I don’t see myself getting burnt out on a game I expect to be repetitive, but I will easily get burnt out on a game I expect to learn new things in.

    • There is a lot of potentially amazing MMORPGs comin though. Everquest Next, Black Dessert and WILDSTAR (ye im anticipating this one a lot!)

    • League of Legends is MOBA for dummies, its bad and its community is apsolutely terrible. There already is way too many MMORPG’s out there.

      I say let them make more MOBA’s !!!


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