Secret World Legacy Transfers Round Two Is Now Live


As promised earlier this month, Funcom has implemented a second round of Legacy transfers for Secret World Legends players who made their way over from The Secret World. Like the first round, this one is open to all veteran TSW players — whether they used the first transfer or not. However, there are limitations.

First, the service can only be used once (not including the first round). Next, this transfer is for cosmetic items only. This includes clothing, emotes, pets, and sprints. Any unopened cosmetic items won’t make the trip and a few very specific items won’t be copied as well. These include:

  • Faction “Deck” Uniforms (These will be made available in SWL through other means, and not faction-locked)
  • Faction Rank Uniforms (These will be re-obtained by leveling up in SWL)
  • “Memory” Outfits (Story NPC Outfits)

Weapon skins are also not included.

Players also need to note that any faction- or gender-clothing they plan to transfer will need to be transferred to characters matching that criteria.

Players have until June 22nd to use the service. More details are available on the Secret World Legends site.


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