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A huge patch is on its way for Secret World Legends, and it appears it will bring a lot of quality of life adjustments as well as new additions to the game. The patch was announced in today’s developer live stream on Twitch, which kicked off with information on in-game rewards for those who participated in the ‘Kiss of the Revenant’ ARG. These rewards, which include the Shadow Bound weapons crafted by players at the end of the ARG, will become available on July 5 when Funcom sends out emails with codes in them. Be aware that once you have entered the code into your account, it may take up to 10 minutes for the items to become available in game.


The next topic was the addition of Elite dungeons. On July 5, players will be able to access these dungeons via the game’s activity finder. These will be accessible at level 50 and players will be able to choose between 10 different difficulties. These are 5 man dungeons and they DO require a party made up of the Holy Trinity.

In addition to the above, the patch addresses issues raised by players in game, starting with changes made to the weapon unlock system. Now, unlocking weapons will also unlock BOTH the passive and active pages for it. The cost for a player to unlock their first weapon — not counting the ones they obtained when selecting a class — will be reduced as well.


Other important changes will include an inventory size increase and an increase of AP and SP gain at level 50.

For those participating in dungeons, there is also good news. The Extraordinary drop rate will be increased, with a drop guaranteed once per day. Players will also receive an XP reward for repeated dungeons. So now you will no longer be wasting your time when helping someone run a dungeon you’ve been through before.

If you haven’t already started purchasing Sprint upgrades, save those Marks! On the 5th, the cost will be reduced. On the same note, slotting Glyphs or Signets will not longer cost anything.

Finally, the last quality of life changes include changes to trading restrictions. Now players who reach level 15 can trade. Patrons can still begin trading at any point.


Speaking of Patronage. It’s received some mixed reviews, with players feeling it doesn’t contain enough value to make it worth the cost. The update coming on the 5th will address this with a few additions. This will include an increase to Marks of Favor gained. Patrons will also gain double AP and double SP. And… an added bonus here for everyone who hates paying for teleportation… It will now be free to use across all play fields instead of being zone specific.

Finally, just in case y’all were wondering if you’d get anything for losing playtime this weekend, you will. Funcom has put together a bit of a compensation package consisting of the following:

  • 25 AP and 25 SP
  • 10,000 Marks of Favor
  • 4,000 Anima Shards
  • 1 blue Talisman Fusion Booster

These will only be available to claim for a week after the update.

Following the information on the upcomping patch, the devs used the rest of the time on the livestream to hang in game with players and answer some viewer questions. You can watch the whole thing in the video below.

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  1. Overall, the game is much improved and still keeps all of the excellent story elements that made it a great game. Combat is actually fun rather than a chore now. TSW combat, particularly at endgame, was something I ended up dreading. This new action focused style is a huge improvement. I could only as for more variations and additional effects for varying playing styles in the weapon abilities. But then I’m still wishing I could Blade tank. Oh well. I still strongly recommend the game. Its a great time, and as you can see, the Devs are listening to us and improving update by update.

  2. this game… so good, i finaly have a good online game to play, why dident they do it like this since start šŸ˜€ very good!

  3. Loving the game until now, those investigation quests are really cool and very different from the grind shit of every asian mmo ever, those cutscenes really make all the quests more interesting

  4. Not worth playing. The game is knee capped like crazy by micro transaction, patron etc..
    Yes they start to address those issue but it wont be a while before the game is balanced. Between the overall drop rate being super low or near impossible to get any loot, to the limited number of time you can do a dungeon or worse the fact you need a key to open the chest at the end of a dungeon so yeah.. TSW:L is kinda bad atm, wait and see.

    • As Gear was not that important yet in the game as there was nothing that required high level items yet. With the release of Elites (today), you should have enough blue quality (maybe even some purple) items to do the dungeons.
      Balance in an MMO is a myth.

  5. Damn, I say that this is a HUGE step for Funcom in improving their game. I guess I’ll redownload and see if I’ll stick to the game this time.

    • if you havent heard secret world legends is new game. so not relaly eny improvments for TSW. just new vertion of the game with action combat and F2P with allot microtransactions


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