While Secret World Legends may be new to a lot of people, veteran The Secret World players have been in pretty charted territory for a while. Granted, the team at Funcom has made changes to some of the things they’ve rolled out since the SWL launch — some minor, and others a bit more heavy-handed — but up until now, we’ve been playing reworked content from the older game.

That’s all about to change. Next week’s update adds the final areas of Tokyo, both in the form of the last bit of old content, The Orochi Tower, and the first piece of truly new content. In a lot of ways, it should be new to TSW players as well, due to the fact that the developers changed the way it flows. Basically, it’s now divided into specific floors that will be completed in order rather than being random.

The new new content is an all-new lair located in Kaidan. Without giving a lot away, the developers highlighted the new lair in today’s live stream, around the 28-minute mark. The Kantoku Temple lair can be found near the park in Kaidan and has been closed to players. When the update hits next week, the doors will open, granting access to new monsters, like Foo Dog statues and three new bosses.

Of course, with the new content being a lair, it might be something you won’t get to see right away. After all, this is the high-end content and does require players to be properly geared.

Other things announced during today’s stream are the return of player wings and the switchover of the monthly cache to one fit for Halloween. Details on these are available in the Twitch video.

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  1. WEILAN, when u go outside of your House look it there different if i walk some Miles away ? I dont think so, its an Island where the first 3 Chapters startet. 😉

  2. I gave up on the game not because it’s bad, but because the world has little variety – New England, Egypt, London and Tokyo AFAIK. I made a character and played through two New England zones then I was hoping I’d go to some refreshing looking place, but NO! The third zone looks exactly the same like the first two.

    Kinda reminds me of how Archeage was when you play on the side that has Humans+Elves – the first 5-6 zones of the game that take about a week to go through look 90% identical.

    Also you can imagine playing World of Warcraft and playing through copies of Elwynn Forest 3-4 different times in a row till you get bored out of your head.


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