This Seems Sus: Fortnite Jumps On The Imposter Game Bandwagon

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Ten players are trapped together in an enclosed space. (In this case, let's call it The Bridge.) Of those players, two are not who they claim to be. They're saboteurs. Of course, no one but the saboteurs know which players that might actually be, and there's things to be done. So everyone will have to go about their daily routine while trying to avoid potential death at the hands of the imposters and uncover who they are before they take the real crew out.

If you play Fortnite and haven't heard of this particular scenario before...First, where have you been? Second, you're gonna hear a lot about it now, because it's in your game.

Today, Epic announced "Fortnite Imposters", an Imposter Mode in which players must determine who among them followed Jones on his traitorous path and get them out of The Bridge before they do even more damage. Of course, as proper Agents of the Imagined Order, these players will need to complete various tasks, such as calibrating llamas and repairing the Battle Bus. You know, typical routine stuff.

Of course, if you're an imposter, you'll probably need to at least pretend you're doing these things while actually engaging in more nefarious activities, like freezing progress on assignments and teleporting people about the bridge.

Of course, players will have to go through the whole meeting and voting system to try to get the imposters off the bridge. Just be careful to vote off the right person.

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Discussion (1)

Arkanpher 2 years ago
Anyone surprised? Fortnite basically made what was popular at the moment or a bit earlier...

Tower Defense games been popular in 2007-2008...and stayed quite popular in 2011...
> Fortnite been announced
PUBR for ARMA3 was released in 2015 and slowly gained popularity...
> Fortnite Battle Royale been announced
Among Us been popular for quite long and now slowly dropping-stabilizing...
> this Fortnite Mode been announced

Let's not forget prophunt that been added not so long ago, but didn't have so much hype around it

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