Seven Souls Online Begins Open Beta

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff, March 14, 2012

Neowiz Games invites all players to participate in the open beta for Seven Souls Online, a MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Akkadia. In addition to raising the player level cap to 40, the open beta also introduces an entirely new in-game zone called Dragonscale Valley, and introduces open-world player versus player (PVP) combat.

In Seven Souls Online, fans unleash their inner demon in a fantasy world that combines ancient East and West, as well as elements of science-fiction. Players can choose from three character classes, the magic-enhanced Manatech Rebel, the savage Imperial Guard and the cunning Exiled Avenger, then fight their way through vast armies of enemies to defeat the mana-hungry Elysians.

Open beta also will feature events such as:

  • The Best of the Best Contest – With the brand new level cap, NEOWIZ GAMES is rewarding the first ten players to reach level 40 with their choice of heroic weapon. But the journey won’t be easy, as open-world PVP kicks in at level 31.
  • The Famous Character Creation Competition – One of the unsung heroes of Seven Souls Online is the robust character creator. To highlight this feature, NEOWIZ GAMES will give away the “afro+sunglasses” vanity item to the 10 players that submit the best screenshots of recognizable, “famous” characters, and the ZEN guard costume to the entry with the most votes.

In Seven Souls Online, open-world PVP begins at level 31 for all players. Since there are no factions in the game, parties, guilds and alliances will play an important role in become the strongest player in the world of Akkadia. Gamers will also be able to tackle the new four-level inferno dungeon in the brand new area specific for open beta, Netherworld.

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Discussion (31)

Topo 9 years ago
The game has been commercially out since March 28, 2012 and it is still getting better. I like how the new team handling this Martial Empire international re-release keeps on adding new stuff and fixes for the game.

I like the multitude of available quests offered in Seven Souls Online. You literally won't run out of them, well haven't ran out of quest myself, so it really is more fun to grind in this f2p title. What is left is for you guys to check it out.

mmobombtastic 9 years ago
Why give something a negative review without even trying it?

If what some of some of you said that Seven Souls is bad, then why is the game packed with players even in its open beta phase? Why am I still seeing players if they think the game is bad? The answer is simple, Seven Souls Online is not a bad game. It is really impressive actually.

I believe that Seven Souls is a promising free-to-play mmorpg. Gamers should try this game first then be the judge themselves.

RitZ 9 years ago
For a re-release this is a good game. In-depth character customization, tons of quest and feature-pack mmorpg, not to mention a good player base. Don't be discourage by belittling remarks by some reviewers who obviously hasn't even tried the game themselves. The developers are continually putting new and better stuff to make the whole gaming experience much better.

Hannahtot 9 years ago
LOL! thats really i care for.. coz my system was too old and out dated.. need to buy new one to try this game..

I also read that the character was in gender lock, cant choose Manatech Rebel in female.. OMG!!!

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boombastick 9 years ago
this is probably the best you can get right now. I'm leveling an Exiled Avenger and It's fast,It will slow down quite bit but it has a great damage effect , I've done to scythe and gonna tried another

Shaidar 9 years ago
The quality of MMO's surprisingly improving just GFX though, nowadays there’s a lot of MMO released having high game req. Good thing I have a gaming PC, i dont want being ripped of the game exp, because of some poor graphics, wonder what this game looks in HD.

klix 9 years ago
Another useless crap released on the market.. I haven’t tried this one yet. *nope all the way*

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bombscare 9 years ago
seven souls online made a huge improvement, since CBT. They added a new feature in game, The Master's Scroll which act as a game guide.

Eefy 9 years ago
Let me say this.
From the start i already no mood to play this game after seen all of people bad comment about this game (mmobomb, mmosite, n more )
But I have no choice because I have nothing to play more so just trying it.
And seriously.. the graphic WAY BETTER than the video! If you talking about the graphic because alot of people comment the graphic is worse the fact it's not.
And the community is raising everyday. The first day world chat is almost like no people at all. But now.. need to scroll back up what they saying bcoz of to many people chat there.
AND OF COURSE F2P is NVR BETTER than B2P/P2P That's why it's FREE 2 Play.

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Eefy 9 years ago
I seen a lot of BAD comment around these MMo website about this game.

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bekidog 9 years ago
WTF OMG LooooooooooooooL

THIS IS A COPY GAME FROM "MARTIAL EMPIRES" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lalflucas 9 years ago
the 3rd class is justin bieber xD

mevip 9 years ago
dust514 ... u could call that an addon to eve online ... hehe ... anyway its an awesome game. shooter though ... not mmorpg. but game action is tied with eve online action ... so thats going to be awesome ... seeing how i play bouth of them ... hehe

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Adomic 9 years ago
Reminds me of Silkroad online, mixed with Lineage2, and some other games, I have given up hope on fantasy based mmo's, I am waiting for Dust514 to be released, look it up, better then any "new" mmo out there(its an mmofps i know they are on different playing fields)

CodMan 9 years ago
And look at it lmao!!! Id prob fall asleep in the first 5 min of playing it... ABomb for sucking!!!

Tony 9 years ago
Can't try this game due to region locked, US only it seems :(

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mevip 9 years ago
i would LOVE to know why do u guys review awesomely BAD games like this one ? ...

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