League of Maidens, a free-to-play 3D online battle arena featuring FPS style shooting, 3rd person melee fighting, and scantly clad super powered ladies is set to enter Alpha April 28.

The game — created by two indie developers — is a bit of a passion project that they worked on during their other jobs. It features combo abilities, combo counters, environment destruction, day/night cycles, and more. Oh.. And did we mention the mechs?

For more information on League of Maidens, hit up the game’s official site. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an alpha key giveaway. Chances are good one will be popping up sometime soon.

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  1. Looks like a really horrible game :]
    Like I am a guy. I understand women are icons of beauty and they fit the theme for it more than man. I don’t mind a bit of more sexy armor than guys get but this is going over board. First the advertisement of League of Angels 2 on facebook which showed like a sex cam 3d girl now a game which just places metal circle or triangle on specific body part.
    If you are going this far just to cover the parts on boobs and between legs then you might as well show everything. This is not a game… I don’t even know how to call this thing.

    • This is why most Community Player don’t bother with Online games anymore because the developer like to keep Ripping people off with their money plus the promise they made over the years has been completely destroyed just look at so many MMO Games With Small population nowadays.
      The Same goes for Media Website as well with less information on what they talking about instead of just talking about Real important stuff that need attention.

      • My first mmo if I can call what was runescape. Then I played Lineage 2 and even now when I tried classic Lineage 2 in 2017 I still love and is still most fun mmorpg in 2017 when I tried 2017 classic Lineage 2.
        Since L2 I played many mmos. The last one that had so much “sex appeal” was Tera then B&S. Those games had story or something and now “sex appeal” is just used as only thing. Man like sexy things is just how we are but it dosen’t mean we like every thing that just some sexy things.

        • Because it sells, it is funny how 10 year old games have more end game content than games being release nowadays. Almost every single dev nowadays go for the easy founder pack bait and then let it die.

      • Hate to break it to you, but developers nowadays don’t care about real gamers anymore. They only care about the casual fools who spend money for a short hype/fad. Then kill of the game and do the same thing with a new title, then kill it off again. Short term cash injections are what most developers thrive on.

        So, don’t get your hopes up. These sites have no choice to talk about sh!t like this, because there aint better sh!t to actually report now. Deal with it.


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