The final episode in Neverwinter‘s Sharandar module has finally arrived (for PC players, that is). Episode 3: The Odious Court is now available via all the standard PC platforms, meaning players can finally wrap up the story that began back in February. This also means that Sharandar’s revamp is complete with the addition of new areas for players to explore, along with a new battle, encounters, and more.

It’s time for players to travel to the Dark Fey Mire and investigate the fetid swamp, where the dark magic of Velma the Bonegrinder and her sister form the Odious Court has made a mess of things. Of course, that’s not the only problem to deal with. A group of frog-like people known as Grungs have moved into the area and a group of Dryads have taken up residence there, too. Players are going to have to deal with all of this to stop the darkness from taking over New Sharandar.

To succeed, players will need to take on new bounties and encounters, including fighting Velma’s servants in the Dark Fey Mire. Of course, they won’t be able to stop there. The ultimate goal is to head to the Velma’s lair and fight not only her, but her sisters, Granny Necksnapper and Mathilda Soulstealer.

As mentioned above, PC players can jump in and start doing all of this now. Console players will have to wait a bit…until July 6.

On an additional note, Nevewinter players also have a new mount to collect, the “Leaf Spider Mount”. The mount is available beginning today, but will scuttle off on July 8. (Console players will have access to the mount when Episode 3 drops on July 6.)

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