Grab your lute and dust off your dance moves, gamigo is introducing a new class to the voxel MMO, Trove. The latest set of patch notes are up for the game’s PTR, and the big focus this time is the Bard, a class that combines the magic of music with the power of fist weapons to provide both support and magic damage.

The Bard’s abilities range from attacks dealing 15% magic damage to providing nearby allies with increased movement and an increased change to restore energy when dealing damage. A special mechanic for the class involved something called Melody, which grants players access to the various Ultimate abilities the Bard has access to at any given time. Three of the abilities cost 5 Melody to use. The fourth allows players to regenerate Melody by performing abilities that match icons floating above their head.

Accompanying the new class is a new crafting tier, “The Bardmancologist.” This is unlocked at 300 skills and includes the ability to craft a variety of new things specifically for the Bard class. This includes allies, mounts, wings, and costumes. Speaking of crafting, the Bard class can only be obtained via the chaos crafter or one of the Bard Packs.

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