Following the announcement that Portalarium and Shroud of the Avatar have been acquired by Catnip Games comes another bit of — likely disappointing for backers — information. As it turns out, the backers who chose to support the game at the Citizen level or higher and were promised a physical reward in the form of a hard-copy book will not be receiving it. As noted in the newsletter, this was the only outstanding physical item and digital copies of the book have already been delivered, but the company just couldn’t come to a deal with a publisher on distributing the books.

To make things up to players, the team has decided to offer them other rewards themed around the book. There will be three items in total:

  • A Challenge Dungeon Remote Dungeon entrance that allows direct access to the Challenge Dungeon and is disguised as a magical book.
  • The Sword of Midras Library dungeon room filled with books that can be placed in any player-made dungeon.
  • The Sword of Midras Magical Printing press, which allows players to make twelve copies of books per week without the need for blank books.

Since this is October, the most recent Shroud of the Avatar newsletter also noted that spooky items are now available in the game’s shop for purchase. So… You know… Just in case you were needing a giant spider or anything.

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  1. Load up another map why don’t ya. Like we need another one to wait for. honestly this game should of be a proper mmo open world game then, it would of skyrocketed into either direction.


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