Tomorrow (May 30), Shroud of the Avatar players will be able to jump into the game’s next big update on the live server. When it launches — around 10:30 AM Central Time — it will introduce the first area associated with Episode 2 as well as improve performance.

In addition, this update will give players the the ability to join together multiple groups for raiding and make additions to the game’s crafting and housing systems. Crafters will now be able to specialize in a single area, which will then allow them to choose effects during Masterworking or Enchanting. This means they don’t have to rely on random selection anymore.

As for housing, lot owners will now be able to flag their lots as empty so they can do something other than placing a house there — like grow crops.

A short rundown on tomorrow’s update can be found on the Shroud of the Avatar site. The same post also includes plans for the future and outlines some of the things to come in Release 67 later on.

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  1. I have had a fair gap from playing this game.
    I do wish they would improve the graphics or even TRY and use Unreal engine which would make the game even better.

    • They can’t use unreal engine. They probably don’t know how to use it and rewriting the game from scratch is not as easy as you might think. It can take up to two years even for a big company like EA, Blizzard or Ubisoft. For a handful of indie devs like the ones working on this game it cane take more than 5 years and it will be very expensive and they can’t afford it.


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