A six-year-old Call of Duty: Warzone player who’s drawn the attention of professional esports organizations has had his account banned, Polygon is reporting. The prodigy, “RowdyRogan,” was a finalist in a FaZe Clan recruitment challenge but had his account banned yesterday while he and his father were streaming live on Twitch.

There’s no indication as to whether RowdyRogan’s ban was the result of someone with administrative powers at Activision learning about his age or due to some other factor. Warzone is rated M for Mature, meaning that the game is “generally suitable for those aged 17 years and older.” RowdyRogan clearly has his parents’ blessing to play the game, so I’m not certain if it’s strictly illegal for him to do so. Would the same potential for discipline apply if he was playing a game rated E10+ or T?

It’s also tempting to make judgment calls regarding RowdyRogan’s parenting, and whether he should have such a high profile in Warzone, which extends to his social media presence, including revenue-generating avenues such as YouTube channel and a clothing line. Assuming that the accounts are run by his parents (which is a disclaimer posted at the top of RowdyRogan’s Twitter page), and he’s aware of his and his parents’ roles in his fame and income stream, then I don’t see anything wrong with it. There have been pre-teen stars in all kinds of entertainment fields, like movies and music, for a very long time, and the fact that this one happens to involve a video game with guns shouldn’t preclude RowdyRogan’s family the right to capitalize on his talents.

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