Big changes are coming to currencies and valuables — and how they are obtained in Skyforge. In the upcoming update, Ascension, the Allods Team will be removing weekly caps, taking away the limits on players’ abilities to earn main currencies. They will also be simplifying the value system, making Credits and a new resource known as “Knowledge of Enemeies” the primary types of rewards available.

As a result of this change players will no longer be able to exchange Credits for Argents (or Argents for Credits). Instead, they will be able to earn Argents via new activities: gathering offerings at the Altar, completing daily Directives, participating in specific battles, and a variety of other things.

Premium members will be happy to know that in addition to the general caps, subscription bonus caps have also been removed. These bonuses will also influence Credit and Knowledge of Enemies drops.

Finally, it should be noted that while players will be able to purchase a Premium subscription for credits prior to the launch of Ascension, post-update this subscription will only be available through the website or via promotions.

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  1. This was a most impressive game, very diverse…then they upgraded it and dumbed it way down. Now it’s a former shadow of itself and is most disappointing. The worst thing about the changes they’ve made is that it really removed the fun and enjoyment out of the different builds that you could use for your character. Once again, there was a great thing going until they ‘improved it,’ now it’s just another generic game. It’s perfect for the low-brow gamer that doesn’t want to think too much.

    • Oh def, spot on. It really made me rage! Gave them a good piece of my mind too now. Urgh really love this game and bamb, a total f***** up.

  2. Well, at first glance the only bad thing happening is that they are removing a lot of the class builds and there is only one build available for PVP and one for PVE. The russian site says that the game is MMO Action now rather than MMORPG and I’m kinda sad for that.

      • Yeah, there was. You could customize a bunch of stuff in the game – stats, skills, talents, symbols, skill bonuses from items etc. Now the progression is literally linear and you cannot customize anything and there was a lot of complexity removed.

        Moreover after experiencing the patch firsthand – the combat system is even worse than it was, the progression is much more limiting than it used to be with the limits in place, the interface is a total mess mixing missions, open world regions, class and symbol progressions all into a very ugly bbg-like map. Overall the patch is a total bust and not at all what they were advertising it as.

  3. The classes will be available through temples (new locations on a map) in the new system where you can get the classes and train them to get the skills and talents! Also the new order system seems simplified and easier to use. You can find everything on a news post in the Skyforge site!

  4. I stopped playing the game after one week beta due to stupid progression system. It had too much grind to unlock a new char. New update will fix it or should i stay away?.

  5. The general feel is that it turns the game more “casual friendly” and it’s not rewarding the “hardcore” players, this is coming from the core Russian server where the expansion has hit. In the EU server I’ve found a few players with 500k+ prestige that said they are quiting the game but at the same time I’ve watched the changes and liked alot of the cut down on a few grinding aspects and the cut down in the number of different currencies you have to grind.

  6. Can someone who plays this game tell me is this change good? Will it make game less or more pay to win? Is the game worth bothering with?

    • With you on that. Quit long ago because I couldn’t pay with my friends due to power discrepancy and the sea of currencies and limits were a huge drawback.

      It was an interesting idea, but I wanna know if it’s an interesting game now


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