Witches and Warlocks, skeletons and ghosts, and flaming pumpkin heads are all invading Skyforge in the Evil Pumpkin Festival. The festivities, which begin today and run through November 4, take place at the Divine Observatory and Park.

As one would expect from anything Halloween related, there is candy involved. Players can take part in various challenges and quests in order to earn candy that can be exchanged for Halloween-themed items such as appropriately spooky costumes like skeletons and mummies. There are also some pretty cool hats to be had.

Allods is also offering Witchcraft Packs that include unique items such as the Red Skeleton costume as well as instant access to the Witch class, surprise pumpkins and 30 days premium account access.

To find out more about the Evil Pumpkin Festival, read the official announcement on the Skyforge site.

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  1. Very boring and repetetive gameplay also its a pay to win and need to donate every month, conclusion, generic asian like mmo for cash.

    • I guess you were still really low prestige and you wanted to integrate a pantheon(guild) and you had to pay the tax. You only have to blame yourself for that, because players like you don’t really wanna play the game as it is, but want to think that the mmo is like any other mmo around. That is, long hours of grinding to level up or just p2w for some awesome gear. In Skyforge you don’t have all of this. Whatever power you get, is through your own efforts and that of your teammates. I’ve played countless of mmos till now, and it’s a really good thing that they have a limit, so as to prevent serious botting or even no-lifers to sleep on the server. ^^

  2. This event is not p2w at all. It is all costumes/cosmetics. They changed the last event, Law and Order event, and removed the Chapels from it. The chapels can be bought with in-game currency called Victor’s Medals that you can earn in game through missions. Looking at the forums is not a good way to evaluate any game…we gamers can be a salty bunch and complain on forums…look at any forums and you could say the same thing about them.

      • Go to their forums and you will know he is telling nearly true.

        A whole lot of players are very much angry with the events which have taken the unfortunate p2w turn.

        And by saying “a whole lot” I am saying around 70-80% of players which also includes those of paying players.

        Grinding is very very high on the top of it super repetitive content.Events slowly start going p2w path(Eg: double chapel thingy)…

        Also anyone who starts new will get a hard time in pvp due to non-scaling of chapel bonuses among other things.

        • Is anyone truly surprised? Allods was a gigantic flop and the same people made this atrocity. It’s only a matter of time before it too dies the same horrible death. Russians. don’t. GET. what make an MMORPG any good.


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