It’s not just alien invasions that threaten peace on Aelion. From now until Oct. 28, Skyforge players can dish out some street justice and earn some sweet rewards for their war on crime.

Immortals with at least 2,050 Prestige and their own order can participate in Law and Order, sending out their adepts to take down malevolent miscreants, so they don’t have to get their own hands dirty in the process. Of course, you’ll need to purchase a special license — because the game needs more currencies — and rewards are given out in tiers based on the successes of your adepts. They include a Glider Patrol mount, Prisoner- and Guard-themed outfits, consumables, and various resources.

The Skyforge team is really pushing the use of orders, but for a lot of people, they still seem like an add-on to an MMORPG that serves minimal purpose. That said, I’ll probably wind up jumping back in to try it out for a little bit — and then maybe jumping right out once I’ve sent my people out on their missions and checking back the next day.


    • This game is boring and repetitive .. yes but Pay to Win? HELL NO.

      Dont falsify the business model of a game when you know nothing.

      If u still think you are right then plz explain how its p2w?


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