Skyforge has a new expansion coming this fall, and it’s a biggie. Ascension looks to rework many fundamental aspects of and Allods Team’s sci-fi RPG, as well as adding a new class and loads of other new content.

The list of changes is extensive and expansive. Let’s start with the Regions Map, an extended campaign, with each mark representing “an entry point to an adventure or mission that will improve character stats.” It sounds like accessing this map won’t require too much in the way of grinding and can reward players with symbols and even new classes.

Speaking of new classes, the gun- and dynamite-slinging Outlaw will make his debut with Ascension. New invasion seasons last for eight weeks instead of two, and there’s a new invasion avatar, a new raid, and a new, more mobile battle system that promises that “Almost all enemy monster abilities can now be easily avoided.” You can even slice off parts of your enemies to use as temporary weapons. Or if you prefer to cut deeply with words, there will be a new politics system to explore, where players can be elected to the Council of Gods.

And if you’re someone who curses the weekly resource caps (shoutout to Zach Sharpes), or is annoyed by all the different currencies, rejoice!

Many currencies and resources will not form a part of the Ascension and all caps will be canceled. Play as much as you like — credits will no longer disappear from the reward list.

I have to say, it looks like Ascension is doing a lot to improve upon a lot of the complaints players had with the original version of Skyforge. The blog post on the expansion says that “Skyforge will take a huge step towards becoming the game that everyone wants to see.” It’s a lofty promise, but one that the developers seem serious about.


  1. ok I admit that new class will make me goes back
    new features and change look promising too
    and nice trailer, look simple and great

  2. the one thing that made this game comepletely unplayable was the simple fact that you couldnt hold left click to accumulate mana points that you need to do skills. It was basically CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK, use one skill, CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. it was so annoying and stupid.


  3. I stopped playing for a while but after seeing that they are trying hard to make the game more suitable to the players requests, I am gonna give this game another shot. Activision take notes lol.

  4. It’s always good when a company realizes that letting you play their game, specially in the least convoluted way, is the best way to make you like their game.

    Shame I got enough disposable income again to play FFXIV and that is taking all my free time. Better luck next time!


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