’s free to play MMORPG, Skyforge, is setting the groundwork for their Western open beta. While no exact date has been revealed, The Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment have at least put a season on the calendar and will move Skyforge to open beta this summer.

Players already in the closed beta tests can look forward to a few more rounds of closed beta testing and players waiting for keys will have an increased chance of getting into the game as plans to release more and more closed beta keys each round.

The Allods Team plans to continue to gather player feedback from each closed beta and make changes to the game that will be implemented in future closed beta phases. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for beta on the Skyforge website.


  1. The game announced April 24th OB…. I guess they pushed it back to milk CB cash…Already p2w. Dissapointing bland game.

      • Nope, unlikely. I got into the closed beta, and while i know its beta, things dont change much from beta to release. So with that said, this game is way to grindy and repetitive. Like, you will do, the exact same quest, over and over. And im not talking about going to a different place and killing, oh no. Im talking about going to the exact same map, killing the exam same mob, the exact same boss, the exact same way you did before. Not to mentioned, the boss fights on its own are the exact same as other bosses.

        The game wont last.

        • Eh what else can you expect, they just keep polishing old turd.. and giving us the only thing they can offer from that in the end… a sh*t!.. loads of it..

        • I’m in the beta as well, but did you care for reading what the developers were saying about content?…

          And before this was announced, if you read often, you knew that they were releasing content in phases. I got what you said and I had the same experience with you but if you don’t want till the content comes out of even wait for open beta, then whats the point in testing lol.


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