is fairly excited about the new Grovewalker class coming to Skyforge. On the eve of the update’s release, the dev team has decided to at least offer up some details on how the class works and its origin. The Grovewalker is the answer to players’ cries for a new support or tank class. It’s designed with that in mind, while hopefully being more interesting to play than Paladin or Knight. It’s also just pretty in a nature-y way.

Of course, if we’ve learned anything from nature, it’s that it can be quite nasty, which probably explains the Groverwalker’s skill set. A set that includes things like being able to set up carnivorous flower turrets that spit acid, or using roots to inflict damage on their enemies.

To read about all the Grovewalker’s abilities in detail check out the post on the Skyforge site. Also, stay tuned, because the devs will be doling out more info tomorrow (April 11th) when the class launches on PC…console players have to wait an extra day as their update will go live on the 12th.

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