Skyforge Pantheon

The Aelion’s Call update for Skyforge is already going to introduce a lot of new things to the game, and today the dev team profiled some of the major changes to Pantheons that will result from the update and player feedback.

First of all, did you like clans? If so, that’s too bad, because they’re gone. History. Fini. Fail. That last word isn’t my harsh take on the situation; the blog specifically says “it fails.” Instead, Skyforge will go with a simpler, more “classic” management system. Sometimes, the simple way to go is just the best way to go.

More significantly, Distortion Analyzers will also get some tweaking, since, as the blog puts it, “players moved from Pantheon to Pantheon in order to complete the whole range of distortions and get an access to the newest ones.” To prevent that, players who are new to a pantheon can’t take part in a distortion for a full seven days, and there are changes to how pantheons can scan for and save distortions.

That seven-day waiting period sounds a little harsh, but I can see how it might be necessary. And I haven’t yet joined a pantheon, so most of the changes fly over my head. What do you guys think? Oh, and, uh, got a pantheon I can join? 🙂


  1. I fell into the burning ring of grindin’,
    it burns, burns, burns
    and the grind went up higher
    It burns, burns, burns
    The ring of grindin’, the ring of grindin’..

    — Skyforge National Anthem

  2. I like how most mmorpg personalities try to rally behind this title. It flopped. Now they running to GW2 f2p update. XD. Thankfully no buzz around wildstar

  3. It’s fkn sad how I signed up more than 18 months ago, and they still jerking it off advertising themselves everywhere while my invite is no where to be seen. I literally signed up my email the day the game was revealed.

  4. No different than waiting periods on weekly raids. Seems fair to me. I enjoyed the combat in this game but found grinding the same instances over and over very boring.

    If it had been more massively open world with more things in it, that would have made it a better game overall.

    • Same here.And I did not update the client yet this time.So much boring to grind to repetitive content.

      From 10k to 30k(God form) prestige it takes a big toll on u …


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