Skyforge continues its journey to launch today by revealing details about the Lightbinder class. Make no mistake, this class may have great support abilities to help a party out, but they aren’t just some squishy healer. Lightbinders can do some damage in their own way and are specialists at controlling the battlefield.

If you didn’t know that The Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment had designed their free to play MMORPG without a dedicated healer, it would be easy to look at the Lightbinder and think, “Yep, it’s a White Mage.” Yes, the Lightbinder can resurrect a fallen party member and cast buffs that shield their friends and mitigate incoming damage, but the Lightbinder can also dish out the punishment through a number of light based spells. They can also control the flow of battle by debuffing enemies and generally creating a mess for monsters.

When all else fails and it looks like the Lightbinder might be overwhelmed, the Lightbinder can turn into the “true embodiment of light” and cause all party memebers to dish out even more damage and take less damage at the same time.

If you’re all about support classes, this may be one you want to check out in Skyforge. You can peek at the full skill list on the Skyforge website. Remember, closed beta 2 starts tomorrow!


  1. Damn this game has some nice graphics man , even if it turns out p2w i will just stop to admire the view just like in Skyrim lol


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