YouTuber Valthier recently got himself a nice chunk of gameplay in a stress test for Skyforge on its Russian. He didn’t quite ascend to godhood, but his video shows off several parts of the early leveling and gameplay for Obsidian and’s upcoming MMORPG.

He’s got plenty of nice things to say about the visuals and general aesthetic feel of the game, as he shows off all the options for male character creation (since most videos concentrate on the ladies, he says), and the overall graphical feel and cut scenes are top-notch. Class selection could be improved, though, as he worries that players will have trouble sticking with the game if they can’t play what they want right out of the gate.

On to gameplay — it looks fluid and dynamic, though Valthier wishes it leaned more toward action-combat controls than the tab-targeting/action hybrid that it appears to be. The “open” regions are also a bit small for his liking, though there is potential to encounter other random players, something he compares to Neverwinter. As we saw in the developer video a while back, there is some nice variety in boss encounters, even at the low levels that were available in the stress test.

Overall, it’s a nice preview of Skyforge and should give you an idea of what you can look forward to in the game’s early levels. What are your impressions after watching the video?

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  1. Asashii on February 17, 2015

    another outdated looking game when its released, 2015 not 1995

  2. iyah123 on February 15, 2015

    Looks like a copy of ffxiv to me…

  3. coma on February 13, 2015

    what a sheeet, developers also suck, another pay to win crap with subscription

    • Merc on February 13, 2015

      Well you clearly been in coma for a time now , the game is Free to play not subscription and it will not be pay to win you can play the game from start to finish without paying a dime and the game plays and looks darn nice for a free to play and i love how the mmorpg ditch the point and click to attack games they are ancient and i may add pretty boring for today standards

      • coma on February 13, 2015

        u are stupid , learn more about developers and what they brought before, last their game was “free” also, just a bunch of scammers, pay to win cash shop and subscription, also copy paste wow, brainless devs and faking scammers

        • LordHikaru on February 13, 2015

          Allods no longer offers subscription service for their game from what I see on the Allods website.

          • LordHikaru on February 13, 2015

            Okay scratched that. having now installed the game again it still has “separate” subscription server. There’s no info on the website about it though lol.

        • Toasty on February 13, 2015

          The developers previous game, Allods, was published by Gpotato. Gpotato, unfortunately, was the source of the cash shops “Pay to win” status regardless of “My”‘s involvement.

          Skyforge is a new game that, obviously, is quite different mechanically and otherwise. My is taking the reigns as publisher from the start so don’t count on things being the same, as they won’t be.

          Speaking of aspects not related to publishers, Skyforge (from what I know) actually seems quite difficult to make “Pay to win”. It’s quite the interesting set up since their choice of design almost completely negates any ability to pay for “power”. With no true levels (and there for no cap), you’ll always be matched with people of the same prestige as you.

          TL;DR The developers previous game was originally published by Gpotato which caused many of the “pay to win” aspects to be put in place. Skyforge is different mechanically in such a way that being “pay to win” will be quite the difficult task if they choose to go that route. 🙂

      • SqueezyTime on February 13, 2015

        I don’t know why people always say this about target based games… action games are just as old as target based RPGs, and its completely a matter of preference. The only reason people say that target based MMOs are ancient is because PC gaming is more popular with a younger audience than it used to be, which is generally the type of audience that prefers action style combat. Based on this video, and my own gameplay in Tera (a game that Skyforge seems to be trying very hard to emulate in many aspects) the combat in action MMOs is far duller than most target based MMOs i’ve played.

        • SqueezyTime on February 13, 2015

          The only Action MMO I’ve seen that has even halfway decent and not completely mindless combat is Vindictus, and that game isn’t even an MMO. Aion’s combo system (that Tera tried to emulate but didn’t do so well) and ArcheAge’s actiony-but-still-target-based combat are just two examples of combat systems that provide a much more fulfilling combat experience than any action MMO I’ve seen.

  4. mihai on February 13, 2015 looks amazing.

  5. yeahhh on February 13, 2015

    yes, looks pretty sweet, only problem is the running animation looks heaps stiff, when turning and stuff, but aside from that, lookin like a pretty sweet game 🙂

  6. ziguzanuzoon on February 13, 2015

    wow i like what i see ill be looking forward to this game